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Want a glimpse into the life of a young patient with stage 2 breast cancer? Check out Natalie’s poem below. She finds it therapeutic to write about her cancer journey. What’s helped you deal with cancer?

When I first heard the news
To say the least I was not amused
This has got to be all wrong
This can’t be my life from now on
Cancer was now the only thing in my view
And of it very little I knew
All I wanted was insight
To overcome a battle I had no choice but to fight
Doctors would speak fast and use terms I didn’t understand
When really all I wanted was a helping hand
People would say you’re young only thirty
Or attempt to give me advice that was just too wordy
I didn’t want to accept it or believe it
But reality set in as I lost all my hair with each and every treatment
Shots to regulate my blood counts
Would prove to only reassure my doubts
Just when I thought I felt fine I have it in me
On the schedule to Moffitt was where I was to be
It was like I couldn’t escape
I felt like I was about to break
But on my face a smile is all I would show
Because I didn’t want anyone to know
I tried so hard to not let cancer consume my life
But on my body you see several strokes of a knife
I gained a lot of pain and knowledge along the way
Like how much more I appreciate life each and every single day
Although I can’t hide my scars or tears
I know my friends and family are there to get me through the toughest of years
I won’t let this bring me down
Because it’s not in me to give up now