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Sometimes there’s nothing better than inviting friends or family over for a backyard party and firing up the grill. On the menu are quintessential All-American dishes that draw a crowd. You know what we mean. That’s hot dogs, hamburgers, potato chips, coleslaw, dips, beans and macaroni and cheese. Not to mention, we wouldn’t want to skip desserts. These fixings are easy and worry-free to make. While you’re firing up the grill, catching up over great conversations consider these additions or tips for your serving table.

Backyard Menu Tips

Turn Down the Heat


Grilling food can really bring out the flavor in foods, but burning it increases cancer risk. Did you know that if you cook your meats on low heat that the flavor will be better?

The Best Cuts


Consider throwing on sausage made in the deli in addition to please your hot dog fan club. Did you know that choosing quality meats can lower your cancer risk? We can’t tell you to skip the hot dogs because that wouldn’t be fair.

Flavor Faves


Sugar and spice make everything taste nice. Did you know that when you add them you are also doing yourself a favor too? Some of these are packed with antioxidants.

Life in Color


Usually, the most colorful food items on the table are tomatoes, lettuce, onions or peppers. Try placing fresh fruit salad right beside your cakes, cupcakes or other sweet delectables for a healthy twist. You can even add grilled corn on the cob or sweet potatoes for even more color.

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