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A partial or segmental cystectomy is a surgical procedure that can be used to treat early-stage bladder cancers in which the abnormal cells are limited to one small part of the organ. During this procedure, a surgeon removes the cancerous part of the bladder; the majority of the organ is left in place, allowing for normal passage of urine after the operation. For male patients, a segmental cystectomy can also help preserve potency and sensation that could otherwise be impacted by a more extensive operation.

A surgeon may recommend a segmental cystectomy instead of a more extensive form of bladder cancer surgery in situations where:

  • The cancer has not invaded the muscular part of the bladder
  • The cancer is not classified as carcinoma in situ
  • The patient has full bladder function

At Moffitt Cancer Center, our skilled surgeons consult with each patient to determine the best approach to bladder cancer surgery. Our team has notable experience in performing minimally invasive and bladder-sparing operations, as well as more complex resections. Our goal is to not only achieve the best possible outcomes, but also to ensure the highest quality of life for our patients throughout their treatments and beyond.

To schedule a visit with one of our surgical oncologists, call 1-888-663-3488 or submit a new patient registration form online. We can help you determine if the best options for your specific needs, whether that’s a segmental cystectomy, another surgical procedure or a combination of options. Physician referrals are not required to schedule a consultation.