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A brain tumor is affecting a man's memory

Brain tumors can cause a variety of symptoms, including memory loss and speech difficulties. The frontal lobe of the brain (which is located near the forehead) and the temporal lobe (which is located directly behind and below the frontal lobe) are both involved in speech and memory processes, so it’s more likely that issues will develop if a tumor forms in those areas of the brain.

Memory problems

Memory involves three stages—creating a memory, storing the memory and then recalling the memory—and a brain tumor can affect any of those steps. In some cases, people find it difficult to recall memories that were created before a brain tumor developed (referred to as “retrograde amnesia”). In other instances, memory loss involves memories that were created after a brain tumor formed (referred to as “anterograde amnesia”).

Speech problems

A brain tumor can affect communication capabilities in a number of ways, both physical and mental. For example, someone with a brain tumor may have trouble:

  • Saying words and producing sounds
  • Finding the correct word
  • Understanding what other people are saying
  • Reading
  • Writing

Brain tumor treatment at Moffitt

If you’re concerned that you may have a brain tumor, turn to Moffitt Cancer Center. Our Neuro-Oncology Program takes a comprehensive approach to brain tumor treatment. Each patient’s case is reviewed by our multispecialty team, which comprises physicians in all areas of care in a single, convenient location. The team collaborates to develop individualized treatment plans for every patient. And, as a National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center, Moffitt is at the forefront of research and houses a robust clinical trials program, making the most innovative therapies available to our patients as soon as possible.

check mark symbol Medically reviewed by Dr. Michael Vogelbaum, Program Leader, Chief of Neurosurgery, Neuro-Oncology Program.

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