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As you evaluate your options for kidney cancer treatment near Orlando, FL, consider coming to Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa. A multispecialty team in our Urologic Oncology Program specializes in treating kidney cancer using the latest medical and surgical advances. We’re the only National Cancer Institute designated Comprehensive Cancer Center based in Florida, and as a high-volume, nationally ranked cancer center, Moffitt offers a level of expertise that is virtually unrivaled.

Factors that can influence kidney cancer outcomes

With Moffitt as your partner, you’ll gain a number of advantages throughout the course of your kidney cancer treatment. For instance, you can benefit directly from our:

  • Collaborative approach – Our multispecialty team includes surgeons, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, nephrologists and other medical professionals who will work together to ensure that you have access to the best and latest treatment options.
  • Surgical acumen – As an alternative to traditional open surgery, we may recommend a minimally invasive procedure to remove a relatively small tumor, which can help you recover faster. Our surgeons are also experienced in performing highly complex procedures when necessary, such as when kidney cancer spreads near or into the heart or other vital organs.
  • Access to groundbreaking clinical trials – Through our robust portfolio of clinical trials, you can benefit from the latest advances in kidney cancer treatment, such as novel targeted therapies, before those options are made available elsewhere.
  • Supportive services – We offer comprehensive supportive care services that can help you cope with the emotional and psychological effects of your diagnosis and manage any physical side effects of your treatment.

If you’d prefer to stay close to your home while you receive kidney cancer treatment, that’s certainly understandable. With Moffitt, doing so is easy. The drive from Orlando, Florida, to our campus generally takes less than two hours, making it convenient to travel back and forth as necessary. Or, if you’d prefer, our supportive care specialists can recommend nearby hotels that offer overnight accommodations at discounted rates.

You can request a consultation at Moffitt without first obtaining a referral from a physician in Orlando, FL. Call 1-888-663-3488 or complete our new patient registration form online.