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Prelude to a Cure“We are on the breath of a cure.”

Great strides have been made in the prevention, early detection and treatment of lung cancer - all made possible by research. But as medical research becomes more sophisticated, it has become increasingly more expensive. However national funding for research is rapidly declining. The vast majority of cancer research grants have come from the Federal Government through the National Cancer Institute in the NIH.  As the Federal Government tightens its fiscal belt, money to fund research is cut. Even well-established investigators with ongoing projects are having problems with funding. Newer researchers, particularly those with novel and innovative projects, are unlikely to be awarded funds. On the national scene — to get money, you need to already be receiving money. High risk/high reward research is not readily funded. Pilot projects in lung cancer research are needed to collect the preliminary results that allow for success in attracting larger extramural grants. - Lary Robinson, MD

Dr. Lary Robinson, one of Florida’s premier thoracic surgeons, and nationally renowned thoracic researcher, Dr. Scott Antonia recognized this vexing problem and created Prelude to a Cure, Inc. a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. They are considered intrepid explorers, as both are recognized for discovering and identifying unique strategies for the treatment of lung cancer patients. This willingness to search in unexpected places brought them to the decision to create a grant, funded entirely by people like you.

With the guidance of Dr. Lary Robinson and Dr. Scott Antonia, Prelude to a Cure has created the Barbara Bauer Lung Cancer Research “Seed” Grant at Moffitt Cancer Center. This grant will do just what the Doctor ordered: help researchers collect preliminary results attracting larger extramural grants.

With Prelude to a Cure, you join hundreds of lung cancer advocates, patients, survivors, and volunteers to bring an end to the number one cancer killer- Lung Cancer. “We are on the breath of a Cure”- won’t you join us?

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