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Merkel cell carcinoma clinical trials are scientific studies through which researchers evaluate the effectiveness of new treatments and procedures. Every treatment must make its way through this process; even the current best options for skin cancer treatment were once only available through clinical trials. During this process, researchers not only study the outcomes of a particular treatment, but also the most effective dosing regimens and the best ways to counteract any potential side effects.

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Clinical trials are made possible by volunteer participants. While there is no obligation for a patient to enroll in a study, there are numerous advantages to doing so. For instance, patients may decide to enroll in Merkel cell carcinoma clinical trials in order to:

  • Expand their range of treatment options
  • Access novel therapies before they are widely available in other settings
  • Contribute to the scientific research process

Clinical trial participants at Moffitt Cancer Center also have the unique opportunity to work with our multispecialty oncology team and highly trained research staff. Our state-of-the-art, on-site research facilities allow us to develop new therapies and evaluate their effectiveness in a single location. At Moffitt, our research studies have led to a number of significant developments, including new chemotherapy drugs and advances in the field of immunotherapy. Targeted therapies, hormone-stimulating drugs and other advanced treatments for Merkel cell carcinoma are also being evaluated through our ongoing studies.

For our efforts, we have been nationally recognized as a leader in research; Moffitt is the only National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center based in Florida.

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