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A neuroendocrine tumor recurrence is a cancer affecting the neuroendocrine system that has reappeared after treatment, either in the organ or tissues that were originally affected or elsewhere in the body.

If a neuroendocrine tumor returns, a patient’s physician may order a new series of diagnostic tests to learn as much as possible about the recurrence and whether the cancer’s characteristics have changed. Based on the results of those tests, the physician may explore new treatment options, which could include some combination of:

  • Surgical intervention
  • Medical therapy (targeted drugs or chemotherapy)
  • Radiation therapy

Our multispecialty neuroendocrine tumor team works with patients to explain their condition, evaluates various treatment options and then collaborates to create a highly individualized treatment plan. Our oncologists may also recommend supportive care services, which are designed to help alleviate pain, relieve symptoms and improve comfort. This treatment plan may involve a different combination of techniques than was used for the primary cancer depending on the distinct characteristics of the neuroendocrine tumor recurrence.

One benefit of seeking treatment with Moffitt Cancer Center’s Gastrointestinal Oncology Program is our robust clinical trials program, which often provides patients with novel cancer therapies that are unavailable elsewhere. Our researchers work tirelessly to discover even more successful treatments than the standard modalities for neuroendocrine tumors, exploring the effectiveness of advanced surgical procedures, as well as the development of more effective medications and radiation therapy procedures. Because of Moffitt’s significant efforts in research and clinical trials, we have been named a Comprehensive Cancer Center by the National Cancer Institute, the only cancer center based in Florida to receive this designation.

No referral is required to consult with our neuroendocrine tumor team about cancer recurrence or treatment. Call 1-888-663-3488 or fill out our online patient registration form.