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Neurofibromatosis treatment depends primarily on the type of symptoms that a patient is experiencing. In most cases, treatment is intended to address pain, nerve damage, eyesight issues or behavioral changes caused by the condition. While there are some cosmetic options for treating café-au-lait spots and small skin bumps, this type of treatment is often unnecessary and, when selected, usually represents a small part of a patient’s overall treatment plan.

Common neurofibromatosis treatment options include:

  • Radiation therapy for brain tumors
  • Seizure medications for epilepsy
  • Dietary counseling for high blood pressure
  • Surgery for neurofibromas (both traditional and plexiform)
  • Adjustable braces for scoliosis or other bone development abnormalities
  • Chemotherapy for optic pathway glioma (and the vision issues that the tumors can cause)
  • Counseling and medications for patients who have ADHD or other behavioral issues 
  • Individualized education plans for patients with speech and language complications or other learning disorders

At Moffitt Cancer Center, we provide a wide range of neurofibromatosis treatment options, including surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy and dietary counseling. Our oncologists can also help young patients and their parents develop strategies for working with teachers, counselors and other professionals who can contribute to long-term wellbeing. And, while neurofibromatosis is almost always noncancerous, we offer regular monitoring for signs of abnormal cell changes, along with comprehensive treatments for any malignant neurological conditions that might develop.

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To learn more about neurofibromatosis treatment, call 1-888-663-3488 or submit a new patient registration form online. We do not require referrals.