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Osteosarcoma recurrence is possible after a patient completes treatment and is found to be cancer-free for a period of time. A recurrent osteosarcoma can form in the same bone in which the primary cancer originated, or it can affect other tissues and organs, such as the lungs. In most cases of osteosarcoma recurrence, the cancer returns within two to three years after the patient finishes an initial course of treatment. Later recurrences, though rare, are also possible. Therefore, it is important for all patients to maintain their recommended follow-up testing and examination schedules, and to remain vigilant for possible signs of recurrence, even after a long period of remission.

Treatment for an osteosarcoma recurrence usually incorporates both localized and systemic therapies, including:

  • Pre-surgery chemotherapy or radiation therapy to shrink tumors prior to their removal
  • Surgery to remove the primary osteosarcoma
  • Post-surgery chemotherapy to destroy any remaining cancerous cells that have spread beyond the area of the original osteosarcoma (micrometastases)

At Moffitt Cancer Center, we take a multispecialty approach to the treatment of primary and recurrent osteosarcomas. Each patient is evaluated, treated and monitored by our multispecialty team, which includes orthopedic surgeons, surgical oncologists, pathologists, radiation oncologists, rehabilitation specialists, social workers and other medical professionals who have extensive experience in treating bone tumors. In this way, we help ensure that each patient receives individualized treatment, supportive care and rehabilitation services designed to provide the best possible outcome and quality of life. Moffitt offers an unparalleled level of expertise in the treatment of this relatively rare type of cancer.

The research team at Moffitt is also working continually to identify and develop new and better treatment options for osteosarcoma recurrence. For instance, several new chemotherapy regimens have shown promise in clinical trials, including high-dose chemotherapy with autologous stem cell transplantation and intra-arterial chemotherapy. Other treatments currently under evaluation include bone-seeking radiation treatment with autologous stem cell transplantation, intraoperative radiation therapy and gene therapy. Each day, Moffitt comes closer to finding a cure.

If you have questions about osteosarcoma recurrence, the experts at Moffitt can provide individualized advice and preventive strategies to help reduce your risk, along with advanced diagnostic tests to help ensure early detection and prompt treatment. Call 1-888-663-3488 or complete a new patient registration form online. We see patients with and without referrals.