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The overall small intestine cancer survival rate is based on the collective experiences of a very large group of people. Therefore, it cannot accurately predict what will happen to any one patient. Each patient and each cancer is highly unique, and many individual factors can affect a patient’s prognosis, including treatment and response to treatment. Most notably, the stage of the cancer at the time of diagnosis is highly influential in a patient’s outcome. In general, the earlier the cancer is detected, the better the projected survival will be.

With that said, it is understandable that a patient might be interested in learning about the experiences of other patients with small intestine cancer, including the survival rate. For the best interpretation and advice, a patient is advised to consult with a physician who is familiar with his or her case and can provide individualized information and guidance. For instance, in addition to the cancer stage at the time of diagnosis, the general survival rate does not account for a patient’s:

  • Age
  • Overall health condition
  • Access to recent advances in treatment options (most survival rates are based on data that dates back at least five years, when today’s most promising therapies and clinical trials did not yet exist)

Interested patients are welcome to consult with the experts at Moffitt Cancer Center, which has one of the most renowned small intestine cancer programs in the nation. Our multispecialty tumor board, which includes surgeons, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists and supportive care providers, works collaboratively to develop and implement a customized treatment plan for each patient that is specifically designed to improve the likelihood of survival and enhance quality of life.

Ongoing research at Moffitt has led to several treatment breakthroughs in the prevention, early detection and treatment of small intestine cancer. As a result, the survival rate has improved over recent years and will continue to do so as we gain more knowledge about this rare condition.

If you’d like to learn how the small intestine cancer survival rate applies to your own unique situation, the experts at Moffitt can explain. Call 1-888-663-3488 or complete a new patient registration formonline. No referrals are required.