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The goal of radiation therapy for testicular cancer is to destroy cancerous cells within the testes. This localized treatment is generally administered in the form of high-energy X-rays that deposit a prescribed radiation dosage at a targeted tumor. At Moffitt Cancer Center, after a patient is diagnosed with testicular cancer, our multispecialty team of experts works together to determine the best treatment plan, which may include radiation therapy as well as surgery or chemotherapy.

If radiation therapy is prescribed for testicular cancer, the treatment may be administered through:

  • A machine that produces high-energy, external radiation beams that can penetrate body tissue to deliver radiation deep into a targeted area where cancer resides (external beam radiation therapy, or EBRT)

  • The placement of radioactive substances sealed within seeds, needles, wires or catheters within a patient’s body at or near a cancer site (internal radiation therapy)

For optimal effectiveness, radiation therapy must be carefully planned. This usually involves a thorough analysis of CT scans depicting the targeted area, as well as several simulation sessions to ensure that the machines are properly programmed. Additionally, to ensure the most accurate delivery of EBRT, tiny marks may be drawn on a patient’s skin, and these marks must remain visible throughout the course of treatment.

The experienced radiation oncologists at Moffitt have access to the very latest technologies and equipment, which allow them to precisely deliver radiation while minimizing side effects, such as skin burns, which can result from radiation exposure to surrounding healthy tissue. Additionally, as a high-volume cancer center, Moffitt’s Radiation Oncology Program sees and treats more patients with testicular cancer than most other radiation oncologists, resulting in an extensive and refined level of expertise. Moreover, Moffitt is well known and respected for its robust clinical trial program, which allows participants to benefit from promising new treatments and radiation delivery methods before those options are made available elsewhere. All of this translates to superior outcomes and higher-quality lives for our patients.

No referral is required to consult with the testicular cancer experts at Moffitt. If you would like to request an appointment, call 1-888-663-3488 or complete our online registration form, and we’ll help you determine whether radiation therapy is appropriate for treating your testicular cancer.