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Testicular cancer surgery is the most common form of treatment for tumors of the testicles. The traditional approach for treating testicular cancer is for the surgeon to remove the entire cancerous testicle (or testicles), but a partial removal may be sufficient to address a very small tumor. During a procedure, a surgeon may also remove a few nearby lymph nodes for further testing. However, because testicular cancer is generally slow-growing, lymphatic involvement is uncommon. This also makes surgical resection highly likely to be effective.

What to expect from testicular cancer surgery

Testicular cancer surgery is relatively straightforward, and recent advancements in surgical management have further improved its success rate and postoperative quality of life for patients. For instance:

  • Laparoscopic and robot-assisted techniques have helped lead to shorter recovery times and lower complication rates
  • Nerve-sparing techniques – especially for lymph node dissection – can help limit sensation loss and preserve sexual enjoyment
  • Postoperative implantation, or the insertion of an artificial testicle after another testicular cancer surgery, can provide an enhanced cosmetic outcome

These and other surgical options are all available at Moffitt Cancer Center, a nationally recognized leader in the field of genitourinary cancer treatment.

What can the testicular cancer surgeons at Moffitt do for you?

We have a skilled team of surgical oncologists who specialize exclusively in testicular cancer surgery, performing hundreds of these procedures every year. Patients also receive multiple expert opinions in a single location, as a testicular cancer surgeon at Moffitt works hand in hand with our medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, pharmacists, nurses and supportive care providers to create a comprehensive treatment plan for each patient.

Furthermore, as part of our commitment to all-inclusive care, we offer a range of support services – from information about sperm banking and reproductive counseling to psychosocial support. Patients do not need referrals to take advantage of these services, which we offer as part of our wide-ranging dedication to our patients and their families.

To learn more about your options for testicular cancer surgery, call 1-888-663-3488 or complete a new patient registration form online. No referral is necessary to schedule an appointment.