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The purpose of the Observation Program is to offer high school students, undergraduate students, and students applying for clinical programs opportunities for an educational experience as they witness Moffitt staff at work in clinical, research, or administrative roles.  These educational experiences will provide insight into the various activities and competencies that employees encompass in their day-to-day job.
The observation experience should allow students to confirm their interest in the profession of their choice, to identify with role models, and to establish relationships that can be nurtured as they progress in their training and career pathway.
All observers must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be 16 years of age at the minimum.
  2. Participate on a date designated by Moffitt as an Observation date. 
  3. Have a mentor who will facilitate contact with HR to gain access to the Center.
  4. Have been approved by Human Resources Student Services Coordinator, ensuring compliance with necessary legal and regulatory requirements.

If this is the program you are interested in, please click on this link to complete the application and select One-Day Observer from the available opportunities.