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The musculoskeletal oncology fellow receives focused didactic education on the principles and practice of orthopedic oncologic surgery. The core education consists of weekly conferences, which include morbidity and mortality, preop and postop conferences, tumor board and lectures. Fellows also have the opportunity to attend the weekly USF/FOI Orthopedic residency grand rounds and case presentations. Oncology gives the grand rounds every two months.  Monthly sarcoma journal club occurs on the second Thursday of the month.

Fellows spend time with our pathologists on a monthly/bimonthly basis, reviewing their sarcoma digital library and reviewing tumor board cases.  The fellow also goes to the frozen room from the OR to review biopsies/ margins.

One-on-one review of imaging with one of our four MSK- radiologists, in addition to tumor board, pre-op conference and weekly clinics provide an immersive experience in oncology imaging. Fellows interact with radiation oncologists in the OR with brachytherapy cases, in tumor board, lectures and with individual patient cases to gain exposure to radiation principles.

All fellows are encouraged to attend the annual Stryker fellows oncology course in Mahwah, NJ and The Moffitt Musculoskeletal Oncology review course in the Keys.  Other conferences fellows are encouraged to submit research to and attend include Musculoskeletal Tumor Society, Connective Tissue Oncology Society, International Society of Limb Salvage, American Academy of Orthopedic Surgery annual meeting and the Florida Orthopedic Society Annual Meeting.

We also host an annual visiting professor in the spring.

Lecture schedule:

  • Bone radiology
  • Soft tissue sarcomas
  • Cartilage tumors
  • Pelvic resections
  • Spine tumors
  • Pediatric limb salvage
  • Soft tissue imaging
  • Metastatic bone disease
  • Chemotherapy in sarcoma
  • Lipomatous tumors
  • Radiation Oncology principles
  • Immunotherapy in Sarcoma
  • Navigation in orthopedic oncology
  • Retroperitoneal tumor management