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Students at the PhD Student Welcome Reception

On Sept. 12, the Research Education & Training (RET) team hosted the annual PhD Student Welcome Reception in collaboration with the University of South Florida Molecular Biosciences (MBS) Department. The new Fall 2023 cohort of PhD students was welcomed, and two successful guest alumni speakers (Dr. Meghan Kreeger Borysova (Cancer Biology PhD 2009 Graduate) and Dr. Hamed Mirzaei (Cell & Molecular Biology PhD 2013 Graduate) were invited back to inspire and share their career journeys with our current students. Additionally, the annual Outstanding Research Accomplishment Awards were announced. It was a great opportunity for our Moffitt PhD students and faculty to network and socialize with our academic department at USF (Molecular Biosciences).

Fall 2023 New Moffitt Cancer PhD Students:
Cancer Chemical Biology PhD:
 Yvonne Hall, Christopher Polera
Cancer Immunology & Immunotherapy PhD: Sasan Ghaffari, Chinmayee Kakirde
Cancer Biology PhD: Anna Iermolaieva, Maria Camila Jimenez, Ansar Lee-Sam, Rachael Martin, Hannah Newman, Lejin Sun, Athena Tsingelis, Md. Asad Ullah, Ethan Vallebuona
Integrated Mathematical Oncology PhD: Armando Roldan, Agata Xella

2023 Outstanding Student Research Award Recipients:
Chris Letson (Major Professor: Dr. Eric Padron)
Elliot Medina (Major Professor: Dr. Vince Luca)