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Dr. Cleveland introduces researcher of the yearThe W. Jackson Pledger Researcher of the Year award is a recognition bestowed upon a research faculty member whose groundbreaking contributions have significantly advanced the understanding of cancer through innovative research. Recipients of this prestigious award not only demonstrate excellence in their scientific endeavors but also leave a lasting impact on the global stage, contributing significantly to the science and care of cancer patients at Moffitt and beyond.
The selection process for the W. Jackson Pledger Researcher of the Year involves nominations submitted by Moffitt leaders, with the final winner determined through a majority vote by the current research faculty. This democratic process ensures that the recipient is not only accomplished but also respected and acknowledged by their peers for their noteworthy achievements in cancer research.
In 2022, the highly coveted W. Jackson Pledger Researcher of the Year award was presented to Dr. Paulo Rodriguez. To celebrate this recognition, the Research Education and Training office organized a lecture and reception on November 13, 2023. Dr. Rodriguez’ captivating lecture was titled "Strategies to Reprogram Myeloid Cell-Mediated Immune Suppression in Cancer Hosts.” His insightful presentation was followed by a reception, providing a platform for attendees to engage, celebrate and reflect on the collective strides made in the ongoing battle against cancer.