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On Tuesday, October 24, intellectual excitement and festivity descended upon the annual Ted Couch lecture. Dr. William Kaelin, a distinguished American physician scientist and a Nobel laureate, graced us with his wit as he embarked on an enlightening journey in his presentation titled, "How a Trip to Boca Raton Led to a Trip to Stockholm (and Why Science is Like Fishing)."

Moffitt leadership at the Ted Couch Lecture

But the intrigue did not end there. The evening was transformed into a delightful soirée with a sumptuous reception, hosted by the Office of Research Education and Training. Amidst clinking glasses and animated conversations, everyone reveled in the company of like-minded individuals who shared each other's passion for knowledge and exploration.

Ted Couch himself was also celebrated for his birthday. The room brimmed with joy and merriment as a birthday cake, adorned with flickering candles, took center stage. The audience erupted into a jubilant chorus of "Happy Birthday," harmonizing with the piano's melodious notes.

The festivities continued to unfurl on Wednesday, enveloping us in an atmosphere of intellectual camaraderie and discovery. An exclusive private brunch brought together the faculty, where the exchange of ideas flowed as smoothly as the freshly brewed coffee.

The day culminated with a scientific seminar led by the remarkable Dr. Kaelin. In a presentation entitled, "The von Hippel-Lindau Tumor Suppressor Gene: Insights into Oxygen sensing, Cancer, and Drugging the Undruggable,” we delved into the very essence of cutting-edge medical research