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In order to help facilitate your search for postdoc opportunities, we also invite you to share your CV with us. Your CV will be made available to all Moffitt faculty, who can review it and contact you if they think you would be a good fit for their research team.

Simply download the contact form, complete it and email it to

This is NOT a job application. By sending this form, you consent for us to distribute your CV to all Moffitt faculty for evaluation purposes. You further consent to being contacted by Moffitt faculty regarding potential postdoctoral research positions in their labs, solely at their discretion. There is no guarantee of placement in a Moffitt Research Lab.

It is the mission of the OPA to provide an environment where fellows from all over the world feel comfortable, understood, and involved, making their postdoctoral experience more personally and professionally gratifying. Please contact us at for more information.