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iCADS Program Mentor, Karen Mann, PhD

The goal of the iCADS training program is to train the next generation of scientists proficient in both cancer research and data science. To achieve this, we have selected four groups of highly collaborative researchers from across different Departments and Divisions at Moffitt to serve as mentors and co-mentors. Trainees will choose one primary mentor from one of the first three groups and two co-mentors from the remaining groups; ensuring trainees have two perspectives on their work to complement their primary training.

Data Science

Dung-Tsa Chen, PhD
Yian Chen, PhD  
Steven Eschrich, PhD
Issam El Naqa, PhD
Brooke Fridley, PhD
Qianxing Mo, PhD
Dana Rollison, PhD
Michael Schell, PhD
Aik Choon Tan, PhD
Jamie Teer, PhD

Basic Research

Alexander Anderson ARA, PhD
Srikumar Chellappan, PhD
Jiandong Chen, PhD
John Cleveland, PhD
Gina DeNicola, PhD
Elsa Flores, PhD
Peter Kanetsky, PhD
Conor Lynch, PhD
Kenneth Wright, PhD

Translational Research

Christine Chung, MD
Doug Cress, PhD
Robert Gatenby, MD
Eric Haura, MD
Keiran Smalley, PhD
Kenneth Tsai, MD, PhD

Early-Stage Co-Mentors

Noemi Andor, PhD (Data)
Ana Gomes, PhD (Basic)
Florian Karreth, PhD (Basic)
Eric Lau, PhD (Basic)
Karen Mann, PhD (Basic)
Inna Smalley, PhD (Basic)
Mingxiang Teng, PhD (Data)
Lixin Wan, PhD (Basic)
Xia Wang, MD, PhD (Data)
Xiaoqing Yu, PhD (Data)