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Cancer cells on dna stand background. 3d illustration

Moffitt Fellow Receives Urology Care Foundation Research Scholar Award

Joshua Linscott, MD, PhD studies the potential of urinary tumor DNA and circulating tumor DNA in bladder cancer

Graphic of lower body with bladder highlighted and the Moffitt logo and words ASCO 2024

New Combination Therapy Brings Hope to Bladder Cancer Patients

Innovative treatment shows high success rates in overcoming standard therapy resistance

Using First-of-its-Kind Vaccine to Treat Leptomeningeal Disease

Dendritic cell vaccine may prolong survival well past dismal prognosis

Vials of blood for blood testing

Blood Test to Detect Colorectal Cancer Moves Closer to FDA Approval

Trial results show blood-based screening test can detect colorectal cancer in 83% of people with the disease.

This aerial photo of Moffitt at SouthShore shows the ongoing process of the campus.

Moffitt at SouthShore Employment Opportunities are Coming Soon

This summer a cascade of job opportunities at the ambulatory clinic will appear online

Coloring wall at Moffitt Cancer Center

Photo of the Week: Coloring to Provide Better Care

A nursing project on mindfulness included coloring breaks, training with a yoga instructor, orientation to mindfulness apps and other “Take 5” breaks to decompress — all leading to better patient care

Diverse group of people

AACR Report Highlights Disparities in Cancer Care

Despite lower incident rates, ethnic and racial minority groups are more likely to die from some cancers

ASCO annual meeting graphic

Personalized Vaccine Shows Promise in Merkel Cell Carcinoma

More than half of patients responded to checkpoint inhibitor rechallenge following treatment with vaccine containing streptococcus bacterial antigen

Someone taking notes

‘Daily Diary’ Study Monitors Caregiver Stress and Mood

It’s part of a larger study to support caregivers and improve patient outcomes