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Moffitt Cancer Center brought breast cancer experts to Puerto Rico to discuss the latest advancements.

Photo by: Lizette Toro

More than 1,224 miles separate Moffitt Cancer Center from San Juan, Puerto Rico. To help spread our mission of contributing to the prevention and cure of cancer, physicians, researchers and outreach workers have come together for more than a decade to ensure the those who reside on the island can access the same level of care other patients have always benefited from.

Dr. Aixa Soyano Muller

Dr. Aixa Soyano Muller

Dr. Roberto Diaz

Dr. Roberto Diaz

On April 20, more than 120 guests gathered in Puerto Rico to hear breast cancer specialists Aixa Soyano Muller, MD, and Roberto Diaz, MD, PhD, discuss the latest advances in breast cancer treatment. Many of those in attendance were cancer patients and survivors who have sought services at Moffitt.

The event marked the 25th time since 2011 that Moffitt experts hosted the Charla sobre cancer program for the Puerto Rican community. The biannual seminars provide an opportunity to educate participants about the importance of early detection and prevention. 

“I feel great satisfaction to be an integral part of this effort to raise awareness about our amazing institution and assist a great number of patients from Puerto Rico through their difficult cancer journey,” said Martha Sanz, manager of International Patient Services. “Seeing so many loyal patients participate in our events throughout the years and hearing them express their gratitude for what we do is very rewarding and inspiring.”

Traveling from abroad for oncology services can be overwhelming, not only for patients, but also their caregivers. Moffitt’s International Patient Services team helps coordinate the logistics associated with patients from Puerto Rico who wish to seek services or a second opinion in Florida.

Joshua Rivera, director of pathology operations, has been part of the planning committee leading the charge to bring these awareness events to the island since the program’s inception. As a cancer survivor and a native of Puerto Rico, he considers it a privilege to have been involved in the outreach efforts over the past decade.

To learn more about Moffitt’s efforts in Puerto Rico and for information on upcoming events on the island, visit

Dr. Aixa Soyano Muller presenting in Puerto Rico
Dr. Aixa Soyano Muller speaks during Moffitt's 25th Charla sobre cáncer event in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

PR Charla sobre cancer event April 2024

Dr. Roberto Diaz discusses the latest advances in breast cancer treatment at the 25th De Moffitt a Puerto Rico Charla sobre cáncer event in San Juan.