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Have you ever noticed the blue Moffitt M on license plates when driving around Florida? More than 1,500 drivers proudly display the Moffitt plate, but the plate is now in danger of being retired by the state. 

The History Behind the Moffitt License Plate

The plate was first made available to Florida drivers in 2014 after winning approval from state lawmakers. The goal of the plate was to raise awareness of Moffitt and also support cancer research. The state required a certain number of plates be sold before they could be manufactured. A goal the cancer center met quickly.

To kick off the launch of the specialty license plate, founding board member and Board of Advisors member Ted Couch supported an initiative that provided vouchers to help people purchase the first 1,000 plates. It allowed the Moffitt community to show its pride and be the first to have the new Moffitt plate on the road.

Sales quickly rose as everyone wanted to support the mission behind the plate.

Nate Stanley,PhD team member within Moffitt's COEE

Nate Stanley, PhD, Moffitt Office of Community Outreach, Engagement & Equity

Where the Proceeds Go

As the number of cancer diagnoses continues to rise in Florida, the license plate is one way the institution is addressing this burden. Revenue from the plate goes directly to funding research and expanding clinical trials at Moffitt.

An average 100,000 new cancer diagnoses are reported to the statewide cancer registry each year. Now, as Moffitt continues to expand, the funds from the plate also support Moffitt’s Office of Community Outreach, Engagement and Equity. This office supports patients, families and clinicians by advancing cancer prevention, early detection methods, clinical care and research, especially for those at-risk populations disproportionately impacted by cancer. 

Why Moffitt Needs Your Support Today  

When the Moffitt license plate first hit the road six years ago, it started with a strong support system. But over the years, sales have been stagnant and the plate's future could be in jeopardy if the state chooses to discontinue low performing plates. 

To keep the Moffitt plates on the road, the goal is to get 1,500 more people to order a plate by the end of this year. The plate is $25 in addition to your annual tag fees. You can purchase a plate by visiting or contacting your local tax collector’s office.