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Changing the Odds Together


To purchase a Moffitt license plate, visit your local Tax Collectors office.Florida has the second-highest cancer burden in America, with more than 115,000 new diagnoses reported each year. Your investment in a Moffitt specialty plate helps researchers develop innovative medicines and treatment protocols-each of which transform lives, one patient at a time. 

How to Order Your Moffitt Plate

There are many Florida license plate options, but when you order a Moffitt specialty license plate, you are helping researchers and scientists develop the medicines and protocols that will advance cancer treatments and help cure patients.

Get your license plate in 4 easy steps:

  1. Select your local Tax Collector's office
  2. Make an appointment for Florida registration renewal
  3. Request the Moffitt specialty plate at your appointment
  4. Pay the $25 annual fee (State and local taxes and fees apply)

How Your Purchase Helps Advance Cancer Care and Research 

Purchase a Moffitt specialty plate and 100% of the proceeds directly support cancer research, education and treatment protocols.

Community Impact

Tailoring resources specific to local needs, Moffitt's Office of Community Outreach, Engagement & Equity seeks to make a difference in cancer prevention, early detection, research, treatment and survivorship through efforts such as:

  • Access to care including transportation
  • Reducing cancer disparities in special and diverse populations
  • Eliminating HPV cancers, and decreasing burdens in lung cancer and melanoma
  • Cancer prevention through tobacco cessation guidance, genetic counseling and HPV vaccination education

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Moffitt License Plate