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Workplace Giving

Make an impact on something that touches everyone’s lives.

Each dollar your employees donate not only allows Moffitt to accelerate breakthroughs in cancer research and offer the highest level of patient care, but also promotes tangible goodwill across your organization.

Join companies like IBM Corporation, AT&T, Bank of America, PwC and Duke Energy who’ve found the ease of using employee payroll deduction as an efficient way for their employees to support Moffitt. Employees can designate the gift amount of their choice from each paycheck to support our fight against cancer. 

Benefits of workplace giving
Workplace giving programs are mutually beneficial for both employers and Moffitt! 

  • Offers flexibility and helps Moffitt to budget based on the total amount of expected pledge dollars from your company.
  • Provides a steady stream of funding that helps power breakthroughs in cancer research and patient care.
  • Puts your employees’ philanthropic support on autopilot with the ease of payroll pledges.
  • Demonstrates corporate responsibility while elevating your company’s brand image and reputation in the community.
  • Shows your company is committed to engaging your employees and making an impact in the community.
  • Allows your employees to make a more significant donation without a sudden cash expense.
  • Increases employee morale by creating a strong sense of teamwork.
  • Allows employees to make a real difference in the lives of all of us who are touched by cancer.

We make it easy! Moffitt can help kick off your workplace giving campaign by speaking to your employees, sending materials on Moffitt’s cutting-edge research and cancer care, or leading tours so your colleagues can see our work firsthand.

Interested matching your employee donations? Please contact Monica Banea at 813-745-1403 or

Other Workplace Opportunities
Beyond a workplace giving program through payroll deduction, you can encourage other employee engagement opportunities to benefit Moffitt. Learn more here.


Corporate Partnership