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Lee Lockrem, this year's Volunteer of the Year, poses with President and CEO Patrick Hwu, MD.

For Lee Lockrem, retirement marked the beginning of a new chapter in his life, one motivated by a wish to continue helping others.

Lockrem embarked on his volunteer journey in 2016 after he retired from his role as an Operations Coordinator at Moffitt Cancer Center. After 16 years of dedicated service, he wasn't ready to step away from Moffitt and the mission he had championed for so long. This led him to start volunteering in the radiation therapy waiting room at Moffitt International Plaza.

Following that, Lockrem spent a few months volunteering in the ICU waiting room at the Magnolia Campus, and currently, he volunteers in the radiology waiting room in Moffitt’s McKinley Hospital.

"Because I worked at Moffitt for a long time, I built strong connections with many incredible individuals there. Having witnessed the organization’s daily operations and everything it entailed, I wanted to remain involved after my retirement,” said Lockrem. “Volunteering at McKinley Hospital allows me to stay connected with the incredible work that is being done and gives me a sense of fulfillment knowing that I am contributing to making a difference in the lives of patients and their families."

In the radiology waiting room, Lockrem welcomes patients and guests, answers their questions and directs them to the appropriate clinic staff when needed, ensuring a welcoming environment for everyone.

Volunteering not only impacted Lockrem’s life but also left an indelible mark on Moffitt’s community. His willingness to help and his empathy touches the lives of patients, families and staff members every day. His dedication and service were recognized this year when he was named the Adult Volunteer of the Year, a testament to his outstanding contributions.

“I like being a volunteer because I get to see the other side of the iron curtain. Every day brings a new story, a fresh perspective, and a reminder of the incredible strength that exists within our community,” said Lockrem. “Whether it is engaging in conversation with patients, offering a listening ear or guiding guests through the hospital corridors, I’m glad I can play a part in their journey.”

But perhaps the most profound effect of volunteering for him is the sense of connection it enables.

Amid difficult times and uncertainty, Lockrem has witnessed the power of human connection between patients and relatives. With simple acts of kindness and empathy, he formed deep bonds with them, offering support in difficult times and companionship in moments of joy.

Through his own journey of service, Lockrem exemplifies the profound impact that volunteering can have, inspiring others to follow in his footsteps and enjoy the power of giving back.

“We are always in need of new volunteers at Moffitt. If you want to be a volunteer, I encourage you to reach out and apply. It is a deeply rewarding experience that you will not regret," he said.

In addition to the Adult Volunteer of the Year award, the cancer center also announced several other volunteer awards. These were the Student Volunteer of the Year, Dogwood, Sprout, Bougainvillea, Oak Tree, Evergreen and Dandelion awards.

Student Volunteer of the Year:

Samyak Jain

Dogwood Award:

Alan Preston

Sprout Award:

Laura Miller

Bougainvillea Award:

Susan Brill

Oak Tree Award:

Angie Bourgas

Evergreen Award:

Lloyd Sharper

Dandelion Award:

Judy Adkins, Linda Aiken, Stephanie Avakian, Lucille Banfield, Kanisha Bhavnani, Amy Bondon, Laura Bosselman, Susan Brill, Sandra Carlson, Anthony Carmona, Aneeshea Cason, Shailaja Chandrasekhar, Akila Chapa, Debra Cheek, Kimberly Cornelius, Marlene Csunyo, Geetika Dabbara, Richard Davis, Kaiya des Anges, John DesRoches, Diana Diaz, Jan Fender, Crystal Griffith, Patricia Grossman, Jazmin Henderson, Vanessa Houck, Ruth Jordan, Allison Laporte, Lucas Lee, Manisha Lingam, Lauren Malkhasyan, Jennifer McClennon, Prachi Misra, Thomas Mitchell, Cynthia Nelson, Elizabeth Norris, Ebubechukwu Ojogwu, Thomas Orth, Stefanie Palfi, Sonya Patel, Dorothy Patterson, Sharon Patterson, David Pavone, Amanda Pearson, Shivani Prabu, Jose Pradas, Archana Rao, Pravalika Rayala, Lendanette Rivera, Mary Sansone, Nancy Shivers, Janis Smith, Sarah Solomon, Kenneth Susalla, Alexis Thaxton, Megan Troutwine, Steven Tsang, Dan Vosgerichian, Truc Vuong, Mary Walker, Catherine Wood