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Located across from Moffitt's Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation Outpatient Center, Moffitt McKinley Hospital is a new inpatient surgical facility.

With the completion of the new Moffitt McKinley Hospital, the 500-million square foot new inpatient surgical facility, Moffitt Cancer Center has completed an extraordinary historical milestone.

Before the construction of the hospital, Moffitt embarked on a journey to enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion by setting a target of 15% supplier diversity spending – an ambitious goal amounting to an impressive $52 million.

As of June 2023, Moffitt has committed contracts valuing approximately $60.7 million with diverse vendors on the project, which reflect approximately 16.5% of the addressable spend, far exceeding Moffitt’s original goal of 15%. Additionally, Moffitt and its construction partners created more than $308 million in direct salaries for over 4,000 construction workers that served on the project. Moffitt McKinley Hospital cost nearly $400 million to build and provided an opportunity to have a direct economic impact on the communities directly served by the cancer center.

Moffitt's dedication to its Supplier Diversity program spans decades, with an emphasis on promoting the inclusion and growth of minority, women, veteran, LGBTQ+, disability, and service-disabled veteran-owned business enterprises. The supplier diversity program enriches Moffitt’s procurement practices while simultaneously generating positive economic impacts in the local and statewide communities.

Moffitt, along with longtime construction partners Barr & Barr Inc. and Horus Construction Services, started the project by reaching out to diverse businesses through vendor outreach events and providing technical assistance to ensure the business were well-equipped to participate in bid opportunities. The three companies provide mentorship to these businesses to ensure they remain sustainable beyond the completion of the hospital.

By successfully attracting and supporting smaller businesses, Moffitt and its construction partners granted them access to opportunities that may have otherwise been out of reach.

“When Moffitt leaders talk about expanding access to save lives, that doesn’t only mean opening more facilities,” said Desiree Hanson, Supplier Diversity Manager. "Saving lives also includes investing in the communities we serve. Meaningful employment is one of the leading protective factors against cancer disparities. When businesses have access to opportunities and remain sustainable, it leads to better health outcomes for employees and their families, all enabled through economic growth.”

This accomplishment serves as an inspiration to the greater public and the business community in Tampa Bay and Florida at large. It reinforces the crucial role of supplier diversity in fostering economic growth, leveling the playing field for minority-owned businesses, and enriching the fabric of the local communities.

Additionally, Moffitt Cancer Center is continuing to partner with Barr & Barr and Horus on other expansion projects to offer the same inclusion opportunities to more diverse businesses throughout Florida, like the cancer center’s emerging global innovation hub in Pasco County named Speros FL.