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Prior to surgery, patients coming in from home and undergoing elective surgery will interface with our PreAnesthesia Testing Clinic. Patients with significant comorbidities, including cardiopulmonary, neurologic, renal, etc. will have outside records requested and reviewed.

Depending on these results and the scheduled procedure, they may be sent to their providers for optimization and/or clearance. Laboratory tests and EKG can be done on site during an in-person visit if necessary.

Starting in 2020, we are offering APP visits via Telemedicine for select patients and procedures. 

As we continue to expand the scope of our PAT clinic, we will be starting to focus on preoperative optimization and "prehabilitation." Studies have shown that certain protocols put into place a few weeks before surgery, such as treating preoperative anemia, tighter preoperative glucose control, and enhancing presurgical nutrition status reduce perioperative complications and patient length of stay.