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As a National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center, Moffitt Cancer Center is widely recognized for its robust clinical trials program. Our clinical trials provide patients of our Neuro-Oncology Program with the opportunity to benefit from the latest advances in diagnosis and treatment for cancers of the brain and spine. These trials may not only lead to improved outcomes for our patients but also an enhanced quality of life.

Why refer a patient to Moffitt Cancer Center?

Our collaborative efforts with cancer centers across the country allow us to provide our patients with the best options available. As the only Florida-based Comprehensive Cancer Center, Moffitt offers numerous clinical trials that can’t be accessed anywhere else. In fact, Moffitt is the pioneer of many of these groundbreaking new therapies and remains firmly established at the forefront of cancer research.

With options for patients at all points of their cancer journey, our clinical trials provide a wide range of opportunities, including innovations in:

  • Screening and diagnostic testing
  • Imaging techniques
  • Chemotherapy medications and drug combinations
  • Surgical procedures
  • Radiation therapy
  • Immunotherapy and biologic therapies

We take great pride in the strong partnerships we create with our referring physicians. When you refer a patient to Moffitt, you can be certain that we will take every step to ensure you receive timely updates about your patient’s care and that he or she returns to you at appropriate times. Our Physicians Relations team is always available to serve as a direct connection between you and your patient’s treatment team.

check mark symbol Medically reviewed by Michael Vogelbaum, MD, PhD, Program Leader, Chief of Neurosurgery, Neuro-Oncology Program.

Referring physicians can contact a physician liaison for help or refer a patient using our online form. For more information about our clinical trials for neuro-oncology, call 813-745-6100 or 1-800-679-0775 (toll-free) to speak with a knowledgeable clinical navigator, or submit a clinical trials inquiry form online.