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The Infusion Center Pharmacy at the Moffitt Magnolia Campus is open 365 days a year and serves patients in the main Medical Oncology and Hematology Infusion Area, Bone Marrow Treatment Center, and the Apheresis Unit. Our satellite campus infusion center pharmacies located at Moffitt International Plaza, Moffitt Wesley Chapel, and the Moffitt McKinley Outpatient Center.  The hours are Monday through Friday to offer additional convenient treatment location options for our oncology patients.

The pharmacy is staffed by Infusion Oncology Pharmacists experienced in the monitoring, assessment, and verification of chemotherapy and non-chemotherapy treatment regimens as well as by Oncology Technician Specialists with training in the preparation of hazardous and non-hazardous drugs.

Our Decentral Oncology Pharmacist Specialists team works one-on-one with patients to provide education and follow-up. In addition, they are on the treatment floor to serve as a resource for nursing and advanced level practitioners.

Our Infusion Pharmacy team is at the forefront of defining workflow and managing treatments with newly approved cancer medications and the initiation of new treatment protocols. We work together closely with our nursing colleagues in an effort to provide pharmacy services, education, and an environment where patients can receive their treatments with safety and comfort.