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What is the Tampa Bay Health Information Exchange (HIE)?

The Tampa Bay Health Information Exchange (HIE) was developed to assist in the sharing of protected health information among healthcare facilities in the Tampa Bay area. The HIE is a secure, electronic service that allows the sharing of health information between doctors’ offices, hospitals, pharmacies, labs, radiology centers, and other healthcare organizations. The HIE is a member of the Florida Health Information Exchange. It is also called Sunshine Health Connect.

Benefits of the HIE for patients

  • Your Moffitt provider has immediate use to many of your healthcare records from other healthcare facilities, which may help streamline your care.
  • Other participating healthcare facilities will have electronic use of some of your Moffitt medical records without waiting for them to be sent by mail or fax.
  • Having your clinical information available may mean that your provider does not need specific tests to be repeated.
  • Communication is improved among participating organizations. If you are an established patient at one facility but are being treated elsewhere, your records can be shared quickly by both.

What information is contained in the HIE?

  • Information that might be shared includes medications, procedures, lab results, immunizations, provider visit notes, diagnosis of problems, and allergies.
  • Some information is considered very private and is not shared, such as substance abuse information and psychotherapy notes.
  • There may be other information your primary doctor or another healthcare provider participating in the HIE may decide not to include in the HIE.
  • The HIE takes patient privacy very seriously. Federal and Florida state laws are strictly followed to protect your patient information.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do healthcare organizations need permission to retrieve your health information?
    Yes. You must give your consent before a healthcare organization can request your information from another organization through the HIE. Only providers enrolled in the HIE and currently treating you are allowed to see your information. An “authorization” form is available at Moffitt for you to sign.
  2. Can I cancel my participation in the HIE after I have signed the authorization form?
    Yes. You can cancel your participation at any time by calling Moffitt’s Health Information Management Department. Contact them at 813-745-3991 for instructions. Any health information already shared within the HIE cannot be removed; your cancellation only prevents new records from being shared within the HIE.
  3. What happens if I have a medical emergency?
    Healthcare providers will be able to obtain your healthcare records in a medical emergency without your permission only if you are unable to respond or a family member is unavailable to respond.
  4. Will signing this form make it more difficult to get medical care?
    No. Signing (or declining to sign) this form will not make it more difficult to get medical care or health insurance coverage and cannot be used to deny you health services.
  5. Are all of my medical records accessed through the HIE?
    There are healthcare providers and facilities located throughout the state that are able to use the HIE, but not all providers and facilities have the ability to share your records electronically. Moffitt may need to request your healthcare information using fax or mail if these records are not available electronically through the HIE.
    The providers and facilities that do participate in the HIE may not release your healthcare information without your authorization (your consent).
    Follow these guidelines: 
    • You must give authorization to Moffitt to send your healthcare information as well as receive it from another facility.
    • You must also sign an authorization form at each facility that is sending or receiving your healthcare information.
    • Please make sure you have signed an authorization form available at Moffitt.

Additional Questions and Resources

Your safety and privacy are of the utmost importance at Moffitt Cancer Center. Our goal is to provide excellent care, meet your personal needs, and partner with you to ensure your safety and privacy. If you have any questions about the HIE, please contact us at 1-888-663-3488.