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CommonWell allows health care organizations the ability to securely share health data with caregivers regardless of where care occurs. Electronic sharing can help you get faster and better health care. It is very secure and takes your privacy very seriously.

Learn more about CommonWell in the following questions and answers.

  • What types of information is shared with caregivers?
    • Records of allergies and drug reactions
    • Medication and immunization history
    • Transcribed diagnostic and treatment records
    • Procedure records
    • Record of problems and diagnoses
    • Notes from your care team
  • Can I exclude certain records from being shared?

    No. In order to provide a comprehensive health history, we don’t have the option at this time to exclude specific visits, tests or episodes of care.

  • Is it safe?

    CommonWell takes your privacy and security very seriously.

    CommonWell does not store any of your health/clinical data and uses end-to-end encryption to help ensure your data is secure when sending data.

    Electronic sharing of data is more secure than fax or postal service.

  • Why should I join?
    • Electronic sharing gets you faster and better health care. It reduces the amount of time your healthcare provider sends searching for test results and other health information. 
    • CommonWell nationwide connectivity means that your data is more accessible to participating clinicians. 
    • Sharing data gives provider a clear picture of your total health.
    • When enrolled, if you are unable to provide health data, such as in an emergency, your care team may locate it immediately.
  • Will my information be sold?

    CommonWell will never sell any of your information. 

  • Is there a cost to join?

    There is no cost to the patient to participate in electronic health data sharing. 

  • If I choose not to participate, will it affect my ability to receive care here?

    Participation is not a condition to receiving care. However, if you opt out, it may affect the information available to your care team when receiving care. 

  • Whichever decision I make, can I later change my mind?

    Yes. If you decide to enroll now, but later change your mind and want to opt out, you can contact Moffitt's Medical Records Department at 813-745-3991.

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