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To our patients,

Moffitt Cancer Center was made aware of a cybersecurity concern that could impact patients attempting to access the MyMoffitt Patient Portal. After an investigation, we found a website impersonating the Moffitt patient portal that redirects to malicious websites and malware. The spoof site looks similar to the patient portal, containing Moffitt logos, FAQs and portal page content. However, it does not take patient data or any user information. The spoof site's purpose is to redirect users to malicious websites containing malware, adware, malware extensions and other ad-click-generating sites.

Before visiting the MyMoffitt Patient Portal webpage, please verify you are on the legitimate site: You can always access the patient portal safely by visiting first.

The spoof website's address is For your protection, do not click or visit this site. Please do not click on a website you are unsure about.

If you have visited the spoof site, we recommend the following: 

  • Change all online account passwords.
  • Call your bank and/or credit card companies. Be on the lookout for suspicious charges.
  • Check your credit information. 
  • Scan your computer for malware. If you do not know how to do this, use a third-party service like Best Buy Geek Squad.
  • Clear your cache and browsing history on all devices. 
  • Beware of suspicious text messages and emails.

Here’s how the spoof site appears:

Top part of spoof website

Content shown on patient portal spoof site

Here’s how the spoof site appears when searching Moffitt Patient Portal (red arrow):

Spoof site shown on Google search

Moffitt is currently working to resolve the issue and have the spoof site removed. If you have any questions or concerns, please call our Patient Care Hotline at 813-745-8111.


Anthony Lakin
Chief Information Security Officer
Moffitt Cancer Center

Patient & Family