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At Moffitt Cancer Center, our Arts In Medicine Program has been specially designed to offer patients and their caregivers a variety of opportunities to experience the therapeutic benefits of the arts during a challenging time.

Recognizing that true well-being is best experienced with a combination of ‘healing’ via body, mind and spirit, the program was introduced two decades ago to expand and support Moffitt’s goal of meeting the needs of the whole person.

Designed to inspire, comfort, encourage and empower, Arts In Medicine’s complete menu of services includes daily weekday access to the beautiful studio, private bedside visits, live musical lobby performances and special performance events. Simultaneously, the ‘Arts In Medicine experience’ may connect individuals, naturally creating a sense of community with other patients, survivors, caregivers and care providers.

origami crane

In accordance with the world-class level of care provided at Moffitt Cancer Center, our services are facilitated by a caring team of specially trained visual and musical artists-in-residence who are fully enrolled in Arts In Medicine’s mission of “Nurturing the spirit, Offering comfort and Inspiring hope through the Expressive Arts.”

We’re here to serve you. Come visit us in the studio. Create a poem, request a bedside visit, adopt a healing origami crane, let your foot tap…your hand clap…or your heart dance to the rhythm of the music and discover how Arts In Medicine has become a valued part of the fabric of the patient-and-family-centered care experience at Moffitt Cancer Center. Also be sure to check out our  "Healing Arts Gallery," which features a revolving exhibit of patient artwork located on the first floor near Radiation Therapy.

Moffitt Cancer Center - Magnolia Campus

Arts In Medicine's Studio is located in the Muriel Rothman building, third floor. The AIM program includes the following regularly scheduled events:

  • Open Art Studio sessions, held Monday through Friday, 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Arts In Medicine studio 
  • Music sessions, held Monday through Friday at various locations throughout Moffitt

Moffitt McKinley Campus

Arts In Medicine's Studio is located in the Morsani Patient and Family Center; first floor, near the main lobby next to Pharmacy.

  • Beautiful space created as a place of comfort, relaxation and inspiration
  • Patients, their families, guests and staff...all are welcome!
  • Opened every weekday: 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.
  • No experience is needed to explore this unique service.

To learn more about Moffitt’s Arts In Medicine program, email or call Patient & Family Services at 813-745-8407.

If you are interested in becoming an Arts In Medicine volunteer, please complete this application.

Beads of Hope is one of Arts In Medicine's most meaningful activities for patients, families, visitors and staff. Slender triangles of colorful paper, painted by AIM participants are rolled into beads with messages for hope and healing within. Beads may be worn at the wrist's 'heart connection' as a gentle reminder of our own inner strength and resources. 'Beads of Hope' is an easy and enjoyable practice that you can try at home!

"String Painting" is one of Arts In Medicine's most popular and relaxing activities for patients, families, visitors and staff. Cotton string is dipped into India Ink and then placed on the paper. The string is gracefully pulled around the paper creating a unique design. Watercolor paint can be added after the India Ink is dry. The addition of color can enhance the creative experience as images emerge and surface on the page.