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Alexander  Lazarides

Alexander Lazarides, MD

4.9 (214)

Specialty: Orthopaedic Surgery

Program: Sarcoma

Language(s): English

  • Overview

    Cancer Focus:
    Osteosarcoma, Sarcoma

    Dr. Lazarides received his MD degree from Duke University Medical School. He completed an Orthopaedic Surgery Residency at Duke University Medical Center, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery. Dr. Lazarides most recently completed an Orthopaedic Oncology Fellowship at Mount Sinai Hospital-University of Toronto, Division of Orthopaedic Surgery, in Toronto, Canada. Dr. Lazarides specializes in treating pediatric and adult patients with benign or malignant bone or soft tissue tumors of the musculoskeletal system. His focus is the treatment of sarcomas as well as benign tumors and metastatic bone disease. He is particularly interested in complex upper extremity tumors and reconstructions, limb salvage surgery and endoprosthetic/custom implant reconstruction. Dr. Lazarides’ research focus is on developing novel technologies and therapeutics for the treatment of sarcoma and improving clinical outcomes within Orthopaedic Oncology.  

    Education & Training


    • University of Toronto - Orthopaedic Oncology


    • Duke University Medical Center - Orthopaedic Surgery

    Medical School:

    • Duke University Medical School - MD
  • Publications

    • West W, Moore A, Gerhardt C, Webb P, Binitie O, Lazarides A, Letson D, Joyce D. Dual plating in the metastatic distal humerus: Benefits may outweigh the risks. J Orthop. 2024 May.51:103-108. Pubmedid: 38361983. Pmcid: PMC10864758.
    • Lazarides AL, Abar B, Leckey B, Martin JT, Kliassov EG, Brigman BE, Eward WC, Cardona DM, Visgauss JD. Tumor necrosis is an underappreciated histopathologic factor in the grading of chondrosarcoma. BMC Cancer. 2023 Jun.23(1):579. Pubmedid: 37353743. Pmcid: PMC10288799.
    • Floyd W, Pierpoint M, Su C, Patel R, Luo L, Deland K, Wisdom AJ, Zhu D, Ma Y, DeWitt SB, Williams NT, Lazarides AL, Somarelli JA, Corcoran DL, Eward WC, Cardona DM, Kirsch DG. Atrx deletion impairs CGAS/STING signaling and increases sarcoma response to radiation and oncolytic herpesvirus. J Clin Invest. 2023 Jul.133(13). Pubmedid: 37200088. Pmcid: PMC10313374.
    • Burke ZDC, Lazarides AL, Gundavda MK, Griffin AM, Tsoi KM, Ferguson PC, Wunder JS. Open Versus Core Needle Biopsy in Lower-Extremity Sarcoma: Current Practice Patterns and Patient Outcomes. J Bone Joint Surg Am. 2023 Jul.105(Suppl 1):57-64. Pubmedid: 37466581.
    • Huynh THN, Kuruvilla DR, Nester MD, Zervoudakis G, Letson GD, Joyce DM, Binitie OT, Lazarides AL. Limb Amputations in Cancer: Modern Perspectives, Outcomes, and Alternatives. Curr Oncol Rep. 2023 Dec.25(12):1457-1465. Pubmedid: 37999825.
    • Byers IS, Turner NA, Levine NL, Lazarides AL, Evans DR, Spasojevic I, Fan P, Jung SH, Gao J, Visgauss JD, Brigman BE, Eward WC. Antibiotic Prophylaxis for Megaprosthetic Reconstructions: Drug and Dosing May Matter More than Duration. Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 2022 Oct.66(10):e0014022. Pubmedid: 36165615. Pmcid: PMC9578431.
    • Lazarides AL, Saltzman EB, Visgauss JD, Mithani SK, Eward WC, Brigman BE. Intraoperative angiography imaging correlates with wound complications following soft tissue sarcoma resection. J Orthop Res. 2022 Oct.40(10):2382-2390. Pubmedid: 35005805.
    • Levin JM, Wickman J, Lazarides AL, Cunningham DJ, Goltz DE, Mather RC, Anakwenze O, Lassiter TE, Klifto CS. Is Advanced Imaging to Assess Rotator Cuff Integrity Before Shoulder Arthroplasty Cost-effective? A Decision Modeling Study. Clin Orthop Relat Res. 2022 Jun.480(6):1129-1139. Pubmedid: 35014977. Pmcid: PMC9263501.
    • Lazarides AL, Flamant EM, Cullen MM, Ferlauto HR, Goltz DE, Cochrane NH, Visgauss JD, Brigman BE, Eward WC. Corrigendum to 'Why Do Patients Undergoing Extremity Prosthetic Reconstruction for Metastatic Disease Get Readmitted?' [The Journal of Arthroplasty 37 (2022) 232-237]. J Arthroplasty. 2022 Jun.37(6):1212. Pubmedid: 35153117.
    • Meyer LE, Lazarides AL, Hendren S, Lassiter T, Klifto C, Anakwenze O. The Efficacy of Peroxide Solutions in Decreasing Cutibacterium acnes Burden Around the Shoulder. J Am Acad Orthop Surg. 2022 Jan.30(1):e91-e98. Pubmedid: 34437309.
    • Rao SR, Lazarides AL, Leckey BL, Lane WO, Visgauss JD, Somarelli JA, Kirsch DG, Larrier NA, Brigman BE, Blazer DG, Cardona DM, Eward WC. Extent of tumor fibrosis/hyalinization and infarction following neoadjuvant radiation therapy is associated with improved survival in patients with soft-tissue sarcoma. Cancer Med. 2022 Jan.11(1):194-206. Pubmedid: 34837341. Pmcid: PMC8704179.
    • Lazarides AL, Flamant EM, Cullen MC, Ferlauto HR, Goltz DE, Cochrane NH, Visgauss JD, Brigman BE, Eward WC. Why Do Patients Undergoing Extremity Prosthetic Reconstruction for Metastatic Disease Get Readmitted?. J Arthroplasty. 2022 Feb.37(2):232-237. Pubmedid: 34740789.
    • Evans DR, Lazarides AL, Cullen MM, Somarelli JA, Blazer DG, Visguass JD, Brigman BE, Eward WC. Identifying Modifiable and Non-modifiable Risk Factors of Readmission and Short-Term Mortality in Chondrosarcoma: A National Cancer Database Study. Ann Surg Oncol. 2022 Feb.29(2):1392-1408. Pubmedid: 34570333.
    • Lazarides AL, Somarelli JA, Brigman BE, Visgauss JD, Eward WC. ASO Author Reflections: Identifying Modifiable and Non-Modifiable Risk Factors of Readmission and Short-Term Mortality in Chondrosarcoma. Ann Surg Oncol. 2022 Feb.29(2):1409-1410. Pubmedid: 34635971.
    • Lazarides AL, Flamant EM, Cullen MM, Ferlauto HR, Cochrane N, Gao J, Jung SH, Visgauss JD, Brigman BE, Eward WC. Investigating readmission rates for patients undergoing oncologic resection and endoprosthetic reconstruction for primary sarcomas and tumors involving bone. J Surg Oncol. 2022 Aug.126(2):356-364. Pubmedid: 35319106.
    • Lazarides AL, Burke ZDC, Gundavda MK, Novak R, Ghert M, Wilson DA, Rose PS, Wong P, Griffin AM, Ferguson PC, Wunder JS, Houdek MT, Tsoi KM. How Do the Outcomes of Radiation-Associated Pelvic and Sacral Bone Sarcomas Compare to Primary Osteosarcomas following Surgical Resection?. Cancers (Basel). 2022 Apr.14(9). Pubmedid: 35565308. Pmcid: PMC9104334.
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    • Lazarides AL, Belay ES, Anastasio AT, Cook CE, Anakwenze OA. Physician burnout and professional satisfaction in orthopedic surgeons during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Work. 2021 Jun.69(1):15-22. Pubmedid: 33998571.
    • Kildow BJ, Ryan SP, Danilkowicz R, Lazarides AL, Penrose C, Bolognesi MP, Jiranek W, Seyler TM. Next-generation sequencing not superior to culture in periprosthetic joint infection diagnosis. Bone Joint J. 2021 Jan.103-B(1):26-31. Pubmedid: 33380207.
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    • Kildow BJ, Ryan SP, Danilkowicz R, Lazarides AL, Vovos TJ, Bolognesi MP, Jiranek WA, Seyler TM. Commercially Available Polymerase Chain Reaction Has Minimal Utility in the Diagnosis of Periprosthetic Joint Infection. Orthopedics. 2020 Nov.43(6):333-338. Pubmedid: 33002175.
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