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Andre  Beer Furlan

Andre Beer Furlan, MD, PhD

4.9 (131)

Specialty: Neurosurgery

Program: Neuro-Oncology

Language(s): English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian

  • Overview

    Cancer Focus:
    Brain Cancer, Glioblastoma, Head and Neck Cancer, Meningioma, Neurofibromatosis, Pituitary Adenoma, Pituitary Macroadenoma, Pituitary Microadenoma, Pituitary Neoplasm

    Dr. Andre Beer Furlan is a skull base and endovascular neurosurgeon at Moffitt Cancer Center and Assistant Professor of Oncologic Sciences at the University of South Florida. Dr. Beer Furlan earned his MD and PhD degrees from the University of São Paulo (FMUSP), a top ranked university in Latin America. He completed the neurosurgery residency at the same institution and practiced as a neurosurgeon and skull base surgeon in Sao Paulo, Brazil before moving to the United States. Dr. Beer-Furlan completed a second neurosurgery residency at Rush University and sub-specialty fellowships in skull base micro-neurosurgery at Weill Cornell Medical College, minimally invasive cranial surgery at Ohio State University and neuro-endovascular surgery at Rush University. He is part of a multidisciplinary team focused on the treatment of pituitary and skull base tumors at Moffitt Cancer Center. He has expertise in the use of endoscopic endonasal approaches and minimally invasive surgery to treat benign and malignant skull base lesions and complex brain tumors including pituitary adenomas, Rathke’s cleft cysts, epidermoid cysts, pineal region tumors, meningiomas, schwannomas, chordomas, chondrosarcomas, craniopharyngiomas, paranasal sinuses tumor, and olfactory neuroblastomas. Dr. Beer Furlan’s unique experience and extensive training in open conventional approaches and minimally invasive techniques allows him to provide all surgical treatment options in an unbiased manner. His focus is to select the safest, most effective, and less invasive approach for each individual patient. Dr. Beer Furlan research interests include patient’s quality of life and outcomes after endoscopic endonasal and keyhole surgical approaches, prognostic biomarkers for skull base tumors, and super selective endovascular drug delivery for brain cancers. He has published more than 100 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters. He is also an active lecturer and serves as a reviewer for several neurosurgery, neuro-intervention, and otolaryngology scientific journals.He is board eligible by the American Board of Neurological Surgery and board certified by the Brazilian Board of Neurosurgery. Dr. Beer Furlan is a member of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, Congress of Neurological Surgeons, North American Skull Base Society, Society of Neuro-Interventional Surgery and Brazilian Society of Neurosurgery. He is fluent in English, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian.

    Education & Training


    • Cornell University - Weill Cornell Medical College - Microneurosurgery and Skull Base Laboratory
    • Ohio State University - Open/Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery
    • Rush University - Neuroendovascular Surgery


    • University of São Paulo (FMUSP) - Neurological Surgery
    • Rush University - Neurological Surgery
  • Publications

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