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December 2023

Ariosto Silva and colleagues published a paper titled “CK1δ/CK1ε Signaling Sustains Mitochondrial Metabolism and Cell Survival in Multiple Myeloma” in Cancer Research.

The Metabolism & Physiology Department was well represented at the ASH Annual Meeting!

  • Silva lab Research Instructor Praneeth Reddy Sudalagunta presented a poster titled “Selinexor Disrupts Epigenetic Programming and Modulates lmmunogenicity in Multiple Myeloma.”
  • Silva lab Research Scientist Rafael Renatino Canevarolo presented a poster titled “Ex Vivo Mathematical Myeloma Advisor (EMMA) - a Clinical, Molecular, and Phenotypic Platform to Tailor Personalized Therapeutic Strategies for Multiple Myeloma.”

DeNicola lab participated in Miles for Moffitt

November 2023

Mariam Khaled (Smalley lab) was awarded a $10,000 Junior Scientist Research Partnership award with Joseph Domino for a project titled “The role of branched-chain ketoacids in neurological deterioration in breast cancer-leptomeningeal metastasis.” Congrats Mariam!

Inna Smalley received a $50,000 pilot award from Donald A. Adam Melanoma and Skin Cancer Center of Excellence (MSCCoE) for a collaborative project with Dr. Ana Gomes titled “How the aging tumor microenvironment affects development of leptomeningeal metastases.” Congrats Inna!

The DeNicola lab participated in Miles for Moffitt. From left to right: Amanda, Yumi, Chang, Gina, Cheyenne, Laura, Janine.

DeNicola Lab student Janine DeBlasi

September 2023

DeNicola lab Instructor Chang Jiang joined the Department of Molecular Oncology, Moffitt Cancer Center, as an Assistant Member. Congratulations Chang! 

DeNicola Lab student Janine DeBlasi successfully defended her PhD thesis research. Congratulations Dr. DeBlasi!


June 2023

Nathan Ward joins the Metabolism & Physiology department as an Assistant Member. Welcome Nate!

The DeNicola lab published our method for the analysis of synthesis of thiol metabolites by stable isotope tracing with NEM-derivitization in Methods in Molecular Biology.

May 2023

Gina DeNicola, Nate Ward, Yumi Kim and Amanda Sherwood from the DeNicola lab attended the CSHL Mechanisms of Metabolic Signaling meeting. Gina presented the lab's research in a talk, and Nate, Yumi, and Amanda presented posters.

Moffitt Cancer Center sponsored the second annual "Cancer Metabolism Showcase and Workshops," a postdoc and student-focused event featuring 17 oral presentations, 63 posters, and career development workshops from members of the academia, industry, publishing, and the NIH community. This event was co-organized by Gina DeNicola. DeNicola lab science was represented by Janine DeBlasi (oral presentation), Yumi Kim, Nathan Ward, Amanda Sherwood, and Chang Jiang (poster presentations). Chang was also a speaker in the "Transition from PhD to postdoc in academia" Workshop.

DeNicola lab Instructor Chang Jiang was invited to present her research at the Gordon Conference Cancer Genetics and Epigenetics Research Seminar. She was also invited as one of the speakers for the Panel Discussion on "Maximizing Success: Technology Development, Career Trajectory, and Work-Life Balance."

April 2023

The Metabolism and Physiology Department was well represented at the AACR Annual Meeting!

  • Smalley lab postdoc Mariam Khaled received a Scholar in Training award and gave an oral presentation in the “Interactions between Tumor Cells and Immune Cells, Neurons, and Fibroblasts in the Tumor Microenvironment” mini-symposium.
  • Marusyk lab PhD student Bina Desai received a Scholar in Training award and presented a poster in the “Oncogenes and Tumor Suppressor Genes as Targets for Therapy 1” poster session.
  • DeNicola lab PhD student Janine DeBlasi received a Scholar in Training award and presented a poster in the “Mouse Models of Human Cancer” poster session.
  • Silva lab Research Instructor Praneeth Reddy Sudalagunta presented a poster in the “Integrative Cancer Systems Biology” poster session.
  • Silva lab Research Scientist Rafael Renatino Canevarolo presented a poster in the “Oxidative Stress, Metabolism, and Cell Senescence” poster session.

Inna Smalley was awarded a Research Scholar Grant from the American Cancer Society for her project “Improving therapy for leptomeningeal Non-Hodgkin B cell lymphoma by targeting the metabolic tumor microenvironment.” Congrats Inna!

David Morse received a letter from the Department of Defense, CDMRP, recommending funding for the Melanoma Research Program's Focused Program Award – Rare Melanomas proposal. The award will be for four years and will support two projects, each with a clinical trial. Project 1, led by Dr. Morse, focuses on a multi-dosing regimen for targeted alpha-particle therapy for rare melanomas. Dr. Nikhil Khushalani will be the PI of the project 1 clinical trial, and Dr. Ghassan El-Haddad will administer radiopharmaceuticals for the trial. Project 2, led by Dr. Eduardo Moros with Dr. Chris Tichacek as Co-I, focuses on image-based three-dimensional radiation dosimetry for Ac-225-MTI-201. Dr. Ken Gage will be the PI of the project 2 clinical trial, and Dr. Vinay Banka will perform radiochemistry to support the development of a novel SPECT companion imaging tracer. Other key personnel include Dr. Ken Tsai, Dr. Michael Schell, and Dr. Mikalai Budzevich. This is an exciting team-science effort that aims to translate novel uveal melanoma targeted alpha-particle therapy into clinical practice and expand its use to other rare melanomas. Congrats to the team!

Smalley lab postdoc Mariam Khaled published a review paper on leptomeningeal disease in patients with melanoma metastases in Cancers.

DeNicola Lab PhD student Janine DeBlasi published her work characterizing the influence of NRF2 and KEAP1 mutations on lung tumor initiation and progression in Cancer Research.

Smalley lab Research Assistant Ronak Kundalia was accepted to Medical School and is heading to New York Medical College. Congrats Ronak!

DeNicola lab undergraduate Lejin Sun was accepted into the Moffitt PhD program. Congrats Lejin!

March 2023

DeNicola Lab postdoc Sang Jun Yoon published his work using in vivo stable isotope tracing to map the origin and catabolism of cysteine in murine tissues and tumor models in Cancer Research.

DeNicola Lab members Nate Ward, Aimee Falzone and Nicolas Prieto published collaborative work on how the source of nicotinamide governs its metabolic fate in Cell Reports.

Patsy McDonald departed Moffitt to be Senior Director of Biology at Lexicon Pharmaceuticals. We wish her the best in her new role and will miss her at Moffitt.

Gina DeNicola organized the Central Triangle Metabolism Meeting with Tim Osborne at Johns Hopkins All Children’s and Bret Goodpaster at Advent Health Translational Research Institute. Inna Smalley presented her lab’s work on the metabolism of leptomeningeal metastasis. Pasty McDonald presented her lab's work on pharmacological approaches to combat cancer cachexia.

February 2023

DeNicola Lab instructor Nate Ward published collaborative work with the Gomes lab (Department of Molecular Oncology) on the role of NAD(P)H synthesis in metastasis in Redox Biology.

January 2023

In September 2022, Patsy McDonald was awarded an NIH High End Instrument grant (S10), for a $1.25M state-of-the-art "High Throughput, High Content Screening and Imaging system" that will be housed in the Analytical Microscopy core. The Opera Phenix Plus arrived in late December and is scheduled to be installed in the Analytical Microscopy Core on Jan 23.

Gina DeNicola was named as the Leader of the newly established Metabolism Program.