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Research facilities atrium

Department Research Space

  • Vincent A. Stabile Research Building
    • 7 Department Faculty Labs
    • Comparative Medicine and Pre-Clinical Cores
  • Moffitt Research Center Building
    •  4 Department Faculty Labs
    • Scientific Cores

Department specific (specialized equipment)

  • Agilent Seahorse Analyzers (Flores Lab)
  • Essen BioScience IncuCyte Live-Cell Analysis Detectors (Flores Lab)
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific AB Library Builder System (Mann Labs)
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific Qubit Fluorometric Quantitation (Mann Labs)
  • Agilent 4200 TapeStation Instrument (Mann Labs)
  • Sage Science Pippin Prep (Mann Labs)
  • Beckman Coulter SW32TI Swinging Bucket Ultracentrifugation Rotor (Mann Labs)

Moffitt Shared Facilities (Mol Onc Scientific Core Directors)

  • Mass Spectrometry (Koomen Lab via Proteomics Core Facility)
  • Gene Targeting and Transgenic creation of Genetically Engineered Mouse Models (Karreth Lab via Gene Targeting Core Facility)
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific Ion Chef, PGM, and Proton Semiconductor Sequencing Systems (Mann Labs via Molecular Genomics Core Facility)

Biocomputing & Computational Resources