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The Machine Learning Department holds various events, meetings, retreats and seminars throughout the year. 

Special Projects, Working Groups and Department Committees

Dr. Robert Gillies Machine Learning Workshop in Image Analytics


The 2022 Dr. Robert Gillies Machine Learning Workshop in Image Analytics was held on Nov. 14 and 15. It was the first annual conference held in memory of Dr. Robert Gillies, H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute.

YouTube playlist: Workshop presentations

group photo

Staff/Faculty Meetings

  • Scheduled monthly
  • Includes faculty chalk talks to present grant ideas

Machine Learning Department members in a faculty meeting

The rEsearch in progress MachinE leaRninG mEetings (EMERGE)

This internal seminar series is designed to encourage vibrant discussions, build professional camaraderie among the members of our department, and provide an opportunity for everyone to present what they are working on. 

Machine Learning IT Liaison Meeting

Quarterly meetings hosted by the manager of Quantitative Science Division Operations Heraldo D’Almeida to cover the immense amount of IT assistance required by our ever-growing Machine Learning Department.

Machine Learning League Meetings

The Machine Learning League (MLL) objective at Moffitt Cancer Center is to advance awareness and application of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) across multiple disciplines in cancer research. This will be achieved by sharing the latest advancements in the field and brainstorming on how they could be applied to solving the cancer problem. In addition, there will be educational sessions on new tools and technologies that are used in machine learning applications.

League events will include guest lectures, presentations and tutorials, as well as software tools, packages, and libraries.

The Machine Learning League meetings are held internally typically every other Thursday at noon EST. This is an open invitation to anyone who is interested or wishes to participate in learning and understanding topics related to machine learning.

Members participating the Machine Learning Research Seminar

Machine Learning Research Seminars  

 Quarterly installments of the Machine Learning League covering special topics of interest.

Bi-Annual Departmental Retreats

The bi-annual Machine Learning Department Retreats are highly anticipated events that showcase the breadth and depth of research in our department. We will take this opportunity to recognize the scientific accomplishments of our department and to foster team building within the department at all levels. The retreat contributes to the scientific growth of the department as a venue to facilitate new research collaborations. 

Machine Learning members presenting at a middle school

Moffitt Cancer Center’s Machine Learning Department Middle School Committee

This committee is designed to engage with the community and promoted our research efforts to inspire the next generation. The committee presented at Sligh Middle School on Nov. 18, 2022. We look forward to providing these presentations as a yearly initiative.