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The Hands-On Machine lEarning lecture/lab series offers a practical introduction to artificial intelligence and machine learning. Attendees will gain valuable skills in harnessing AI to improve healthcare through lectures, hands-on labs and real-world projects.

The course starts with a grounding in core concepts and methods like regression, classification and neural networks. Techniques for processing medical data and training models to analyze images, text notes, genetic data and more will be covered with guidance and examples tailored to medicine. An emphasis is placed on rigorously testing models to ensure they are fair, accurate and safe for patients. Exciting lectures on state-of-the-art Foundation Models explore how AI breakthroughs like ChatGPT can be applied to tasks like providing patient education or extracting insights from the medical literature.

The curriculum underscores best practices for developing and deploying reliable, transparent and ethical medical AI systems. Upon completing this course, the attendees will have the know-how to implement AI solutions that enhance diagnoses, personalize treatments, streamline workflows and ultimately get the proper care to patients.

Date  Topic  Watch
Feb. 6, 2024 Introduction to Machine Learning Using LLMs as an Example   View recording
March 5, 2024 Introduction to Machine Learning Using LLMs as an Example – Part 2   View recording
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