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Andriy  Marusyk

Andriy Marusyk, PhD

Program: Tumor Microenvironment and Metastasis

Research Program: Cancer Biology & Evolution Program

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  • Overview

    The main focus of research in my lab is filling this gap through development of experimental models that allow characterization and quantification of dynamics of populations of cancers cells under base-like conditions as well as under the stress of anti-cancer therapies.  Another major research effort is centered on characterization of interactions between malignant cells and tumor associated fibroblasts with the aim of developing means to overcome stromal resistance to anti-cancer therapies.


    • Tumor Microenvironment and Metastasis
    • Breast Oncology
    • Cancer Biology & Evolution Program
    • Center of Excellence for Evolutionary Therapy
    • Lung Cancer Center of Excellence

    Education & Training


    • Taras Shevchenko National University, MS - Biology, Cell Biology and Genetic Engineering
    • University of Colorado, PhD - Biophysics and Molecular Genetics


    • University of Colorado Health Sciences Center -
    • - Dana Farber Cancer Institute & Harvard Medical School
  • Research Interest

    Tumors are mini eco-systems, where evolving populations of genetically and phenotypically heterogeneous malignant cells are engaged in a network of reciprocal interactions with multiple normal cell types as well as with non-cellular components of tumor micro and macro environment. Research over recent decades shed light on molecular pathways essential for cancer cell survival, leading to development of multiple novel therapeutic approaches. Unfortunately, almost in all cases anti-cancers therapies provide only a temporary success, as tumors eventually relapse owing to outgrowth of therapy-resistant phenotypes. Preventing and limiting this outgrowth cannot be achieved only by focusing on proximal molecular mechanisms of resistance. We also need to develop adequate level of understanding of evolutionary dynamics, a knowledge that is mostly lacking.

  • Publications

    • Janiszewska M, Tabassum DP, Castaño Z, Cristea S, Yamamoto KN, Kingston NL, Murphy KC, Shu S, Harper NW, Del Alcazar CG, Alečković M, Ekram MB, Cohen O, Kwak M, Qin Y, Laszewski T, Luoma A, Marusyk A, Wucherpfennig KW, Wagle N, Fan R, Michor F, McAllister SS, Polyak K. Author Correction: Subclonal cooperation drives metastasis by modulating local and systemic immune microenvironments. Nat Cell Biol. 2024 May.26(5):841. Pubmedid: 38443568.
    • Miroshnychenko D, Miti T, Kumar P, Miller A, Laurie M, Giraldo N, Bui MM, Altrock PM, Basanta D, Marusyk A. Stroma-Mediated Breast Cancer Cell Proliferation Indirectly Drives Chemoresistance by Accelerating Tumor Recovery between Chemotherapy Cycles. Cancer Res. 2023 Nov.83(22):3681-3692. Pubmedid: 37791818. Pmcid: PMC10646478.
    • Capp JP, Thomas F, Marusyk A, M Dujon A, Tissot S, Gatenby R, Roche B, Ujvari B, DeGregori J, Brown JS, Nedelcu AM. The paradox of cooperation among selfish cancer cells. Evol Appl. 2023 Jul.16(7):1239-1256. Pubmedid: 37492150. Pmcid: PMC10363833.
    • Gatenbee CD, Baker AM, Prabhakaran S, Swinyard O, Slebos RJC, Mandal G, Mulholland E, Andor N, Marusyk A, Leedham S, Conejo-Garcia JR, Chung CH, Robertson-Tessi M, Graham TA, Anderson ARA. Virtual alignment of pathology image series for multi-gigapixel whole slide images. Nat Commun. 2023 Jul.14(1):4502. Pubmedid: 37495577. Pmcid: PMC10372014.
    • Miroshnychenko D, Miti T, Miller A, Kumar P, Laurie M, Bui MM, Altrock PM, Basanta D, Marusyk A. Paracrine enhancement of tumor cell proliferation provides indirect stroma-mediated chemoresistance via acceleration of tumor recovery between chemotherapy cycles. bioRxiv. 2023 Feb. Pubmedid: 36798328. Pmcid: PMC9934626.
    • Adhikari E, Liu Q, Johnson J, Stewart P, Marusyk V, Fang B, Izumi V, Bowers K, Guzman KM, Koomen JM, Marusyk A, Lau EK. Brain metastasis-associated fibroblasts secrete fucosylated PVR/CD155 that induces breast cancer invasion. Cell Rep. 2023 Dec.42(12):113463. Pubmedid: 37995180.
    • Vander Velde R, Shaffer S, Marusyk A. Integrating mutational and nonmutational mechanisms of acquired therapy resistance within the Darwinian paradigm. Trends Cancer. 2022 Jun.8(6):456-466. Pubmedid: 35307314.
    • Somarelli JA, DeGregori J, Gerlinger M, Heng HH, Marusyk A, Welch DR, Laukien FH. Questions to guide cancer evolution as a framework for furthering progress in cancer research and sustainable patient outcomes. Med Oncol. 2022 Jul.39(9):137. Pubmedid: 35781581. Pmcid: PMC9252949.
    • Farrokhian N, Maltas J, Dinh M, Durmaz A, Ellsworth P, Hitomi M, McClure E, Marusyk A, Kaznatcheev A, Scott JG. Measuring competitive exclusion in non-small cell lung cancer. Sci Adv. 2022 Jul.8(26):eabm7212. Pubmedid: 35776787.
    • Remsing Rix LL, Sumi NJ, Hu Q, Desai B, Bryant AT, Li X, Welsh EA, Fang B, Kinose F, Kuenzi BM, Chen YA, Antonia SJ, Lovly CM, Koomen JM, Haura EB, Marusyk A, Rix U. IGF-binding proteins secreted by cancer-associated fibroblasts induce context-dependent drug sensitization of lung cancer cells. Sci Signal. 2022 Aug.15(747):eabj5879. Pubmedid: 35973030. Pmcid: PMC9528501.
    • Foo J, Basanta D, Rockne RC, Strelez C, Shah C, Ghaffarian K, Mumenthaler SM, Mitchell K, Lathia JD, Frankhouser D, Branciamore S, Kuo YH, Marcucci G, Vander Velde R, Marusyk A, Hang S, Hari K, Jolly MK, Hatzikirou H, Poels K, Spilker M, Shtylla B, Robertson-Tessi M, Anderson ARA. Roadmap on plasticity and epigenetics in cancer. Phys Biol. 2022 Apr.19(3). Pubmedid: 35078159. Pmcid: PMC9190291.
    • Miroshnychenko D, Baratchart E, Ferrall-Fairbanks MC, Velde RV, Laurie MA, Bui MM, Tan AC, Altrock PM, Basanta D, Marusyk A. Spontaneous cell fusions as a mechanism of parasexual recombination in tumour cell populations. Nat Ecol Evol. 2021 Mar.5(3):379-391. Pubmedid: 33462489.
    • Capp JP, DeGregori J, Nedelcu AM, Dujon AM, Boutry J, Pujol P, Alix-Panabières C, Hamede R, Roche B, Ujvari B, Marusyk A, Gatenby R, Thomas F. Group phenotypic composition in cancer. Elife. 2021 Mar.10. Pubmedid: 33784238. Pmcid: PMC8009660.
    • Edwards J, Marusyk A, Basanta D. Selection-driven tumor evolution with public goods leads to patterns of clonal expansion consistent with neutral growth. iScience. 2021 Jan.24(1):101901. Pubmedid: 33364589. Pmcid: PMC7753957.
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    • Enderling H, Altrock PM, Andor N, Basanta D, Brown JS, Gatenby RA, Marusyk A, Rejniak KA, Silva A, Anderson ARA. High School Internship Program in Integrated Mathematical Oncology (HIP IMO): Five-Year Experience at Moffitt Cancer Center. Bull Math Biol. 2020 Jul.82(7):91. Pubmedid: 32648152.
    • Damaghi M, Mori H, Byrne S, Xu L, Chen T, Johnson J, Gallant ND, Marusyk A, Borowsky AD, Gillies RJ. Collagen production and niche engineering: A novel strategy for cancer cells to survive acidosis in DCIS and evolve. Evol Appl. 2020 Dec.13(10):2689-2703. Pubmedid: 33294017. Pmcid: PMC7691473.
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    • Taylor-King JP, Baratchart E, Dhawan A, Coker EA, Rye IH, Russnes H, Chapman SJ, Basanta D, Marusyk A. Simulated ablation for detection of cells impacting paracrine signalling in histology analysis. Math Med Biol. 2019 Mar.36(1):93-112. Pubmedid: 29452382. Pmcid: PMC7197102.
    • Kaznatcheev A, Peacock J, Basanta D, Marusyk A, Scott JG. Fibroblasts and alectinib switch the evolutionary games played by non-small cell lung cancer. Nat Ecol Evol. 2019 Mar.3(3):450-456. Pubmedid: 30778184. Pmcid: PMC6467526.
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  • Grants

    • Title: STEER: Strategy for Therapeutic Extinction of Evolving Resistance in lung cancer
      Sponsor: Moffitt Cancer Center
      PI (Contact): Robertson-Tessi, M., CO-PI: Marusyk, A.
    • Title: The Delta Ecology of NSCLC Treatment
      Sponsor: Nat Institutes of Health
      PI (Contact): Anderson, A., PI (MPI): Gatenby, R., Project PI: Marusyk, A., Core PI/Director: Brown, J.
    • Title: Extending experimental evolutionary game theory in cancer in vivo to enable clinical translation: integrating spatio-temporal dynamics using mathematical modeling
      Sponsor: Nat Institutes of Health
      PI: Marusyk, A.
    • Title: Feasibility of Generating Novel Translational and Therapeutic Strategies based on a Multicenter, Pediatric and AYA Evolutionary Tumor Board; pedsETB
      Sponsor: Florida Biomedical Research Program (FBRP)
      PI: Metts, J., CO-PI: Robertson-Tessi, M., CO-PI: Anderson, A., CO-PI: Brown, J., CO-PI: Marusyk, A.
    • Title: Exploiting Ecology and Evolution to Prevent Therapy Resistance in EGFR-Driven Lung Cancer
      Sponsor: Nat Institutes of Health
      PI: Marusyk, A.

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