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Anna  Coghill

Anna Coghill, PhD, MPH

Program: Cancer Epidemiology

Research Program: Cancer Epidemiology Program

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  • Overview

    Antiretroviral therapy has proven to be remarkably effective at improving overall survival in people living with HIV (PLWH). One unintended correlate of this longevity is a growing burden of chronic diseases  such as cancer in patients with HIV. In fact, cancer is now the second leading cause of death in PLWH. My research program focuses on the intersection between HIV and cancer, including projects to identify immunological and healthcare-associated factors in PLWH that may be associated with clinical outcomes in these patients.    


    • Cancer Epidemiology
    • Gastrointestinal Oncology
    • Cancer Epidemiology Program
    • Center for Immunization & Infection Research in Cancer

    Education & Training


    • University of Washington, PhD - Epidemiology
    • Emory University, MPH - Global Health


    • NIH/National Cancer Institute - Infections/Immunoepidemiology
  • Research Interest

    Anna E. Coghill, PhD, MPH is an Assistant Member in the Cancer Epidemiology Program at the H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute.  Her interest in the intersection between infectious agents and cancer began during her dissertation work focusing on HIV as a determinant of cancer patient survival at the UCI/Hutchinson Cancer Center Alliance in Uganda.  This work suggested that HIV was not only related to cancer development but that it also played a role in how patients survived after a cancer diagnosis.  Dr. Coghill’s publications using the HIV/AIDS Cancer Match Study and National Cancer Database, as well as collaborations with the Brazilian National Cancer Institute, have established that HIV-infected cancer patients experience worse stage-specific survival that their HIV-uninfected counterparts. Her research program is now focused on identifying both healthcare-related and molecular reasons for this survival disparity, and she serves as the Moffitt Site Principal Investigator for the AIDS Malignancy Consortium, an NCI-funded clinical trials network to support innovative cancer prevention and treatment trials for PLWH and cancer.   

  • Participating Trials

    Clinical Trial 21261
    Characterizing the Gut Microbiome in Cancer Patients with Underlying HIV Infection
    Condition: Gastrointestinal Tumor
    Status: Open

    Clinical Trial 22531
    Use of a Screening Tool to Describe HIV-Related Cancer Burden and Patient Characteristics in the AIDS Malignancy Consortium
    Condition: Multiple
    Status: Open

    Clinical Trial 23143
    Trends and Outcomes in HIV-positive Patients Undergoing Treatment for Invasive or Preinvasive Cervical and Other Gynecologic Neoplasias
    Condition: Gynecological Tumor
    Status: Open

    If you believe you are eligible for one of these trials or studies, please call
    813-745-6100 or toll-free 1-800-679-0775.

  • Publications

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  • Grants

    • Title: The Impact of Biologic Aging on Immunity-Related Cervical Cancer Outcome Disparities Among Women Living with HIV in Zambia
      Sponsor: Nat Institutes of Health
      PI (MPI): Coghill, A.
    • Title: Establishing a Multi-site HIV Oncology Research Program in Florida
      Sponsor: Moffitt Cancer Center
      PI: Coghill, A.
    • Title: HIV Genomic Aging Project in Oncology (HIV-GAP)
      Sponsor: Nat Institutes of Health
      PI (Contact): Coghill, A., PI (MPI): Johnson, N.
    • Title: The role of Accelerated Biological Aging in HIV control and Non-AIDS-defining Cancer Risk (Biospecimens/Biocohort)
      Sponsor: Nat Institutes of Health
      PI: Cleveland, J., Project PI: Coghill, A.
    • Title: AIDS Malignancy Consortium (AMC)
      Sponsor: Nat Institutes of Health
      PI: Coghill, A.

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