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David  Basanta Gutierrez

David Basanta Gutierrez, PhD

Program: Integrated Mathematical Oncology

Research Program: Cancer Biology & Evolution Program

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  • Overview

    To understand the evolutionary dynamics of cancer using integrative approaches so that one day we will be able to exert some control on cancer progression.


    • Integrated Mathematical Oncology
    • Genitourinary Oncology
    • Cancer Biology & Evolution Program
    • Center of Excellence for Evolutionary Therapy

    Education & Training


    • Universidad de Oviedo, School of Technical Engineers, MSc - Computer Science
    • Kings College, London, PhD - Computational Materials Science


    • H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute - Integrated Mathematical Oncology
  • Research Interest

      Cancer is a disease in which genetic mutations play an important role but one in which evolution, in the Darwinian sense of the world, directs progression. Oftentimes this progression is towards increasingly malignant phenotypes. This evolutionary process is influenced by the interactions of the different tumour cells with each other but also by the interactions of these tumour populations with their environment. If we are going to understand and learn how to exert some control in cancer progression we need methods and approaches that can handle this evolutionary and ecological perspective of cancer. Given the complexity of this disease, mathematical and computational methods are not only useful but also necessary. For this reason my work will focus on mathematical and computational models of cancer evolution. I will be using tools already employed in theoretical ecology but will also develop new ones as needed and will make sure that they are part of an integrated research where the models are biologically inspired and validated and the results have a clinical impact.

  • Publications

    • Bishop RT, Miller AK, Froid M, Nerlakanti N, Li T, Frieling JS, Nasr MM, Nyman KJ, Sudalagunta PR, Canevarolo RR, Silva AS, Shain KH, Lynch CC, Basanta D. The bone ecosystem facilitates multiple myeloma relapse and the evolution of heterogeneous drug resistant disease. Nat Commun. 2024 Mar.15(1):2458. Pubmedid: 38503736. Pmcid: PMC10951361.
    • Miroshnychenko D, Miti T, Kumar P, Miller A, Laurie M, Giraldo N, Bui MM, Altrock PM, Basanta D, Marusyk A. Stroma-Mediated Breast Cancer Cell Proliferation Indirectly Drives Chemoresistance by Accelerating Tumor Recovery between Chemotherapy Cycles. Cancer Res. 2023 Nov.83(22):3681-3692. Pubmedid: 37791818. Pmcid: PMC10646478.
    • West J, Adler F, Gallaher J, Strobl M, Brady-Nicholls R, Brown J, Robertson-Tessi M, Kim E, Noble R, Viossat Y, Basanta D, Anderson ARA. A survey of open questions in adaptive therapy: Bridging mathematics and clinical translation. Elife. 2023 Mar.12. Pubmedid: 36952376. Pmcid: PMC10036119.
    • Miroshnychenko D, Miti T, Miller A, Kumar P, Laurie M, Bui MM, Altrock PM, Basanta D, Marusyk A. Paracrine enhancement of tumor cell proliferation provides indirect stroma-mediated chemoresistance via acceleration of tumor recovery between chemotherapy cycles. bioRxiv. 2023 Feb. Pubmedid: 36798328. Pmcid: PMC9934626.
    • Baratchart E, Lo CH, Lynch CC, Basanta D. Integrated computational and in vivo models reveal Key Insights into macrophage behavior during bone healing. PLoS Comput Biol. 2022 May.18(5):e1009839. Pubmedid: 35559958. Pmcid: PMC9106165.
    • Foo J, Basanta D, Rockne RC, Strelez C, Shah C, Ghaffarian K, Mumenthaler SM, Mitchell K, Lathia JD, Frankhouser D, Branciamore S, Kuo YH, Marcucci G, Vander Velde R, Marusyk A, Hang S, Hari K, Jolly MK, Hatzikirou H, Poels K, Spilker M, Shtylla B, Robertson-Tessi M, Anderson ARA. Roadmap on plasticity and epigenetics in cancer. Phys Biol. 2022 Apr.19(3). Pubmedid: 35078159. Pmcid: PMC9190291.
    • Miroshnychenko D, Baratchart E, Ferrall-Fairbanks MC, Velde RV, Laurie MA, Bui MM, Tan AC, Altrock PM, Basanta D, Marusyk A. Spontaneous cell fusions as a mechanism of parasexual recombination in tumour cell populations. Nat Ecol Evol. 2021 Mar.5(3):379-391. Pubmedid: 33462489.
    • Lo CH, Baratchart E, Basanta D, Lynch CC. Computational modeling reveals a key role for polarized myeloid cells in controlling osteoclast activity during bone injury repair. Sci Rep. 2021 Mar.11(1):6055. Pubmedid: 33723343. Pmcid: PMC7961065.
    • Tavakoli F, Sartakhti JS, Manshaei MH, Basanta D. Cancer immunoediting: A game theoretical approach. In Silico Biol. 2021 Jun.14(1-2):1-12. Pubmedid: 33216021. Pmcid: PMC8203245.
    • Edwards J, Marusyk A, Basanta D. Selection-driven tumor evolution with public goods leads to patterns of clonal expansion consistent with neutral growth. iScience. 2021 Jan.24(1):101901. Pubmedid: 33364589. Pmcid: PMC7753957.
    • Araujo A, Cook LM, Frieling JS, Tan W, Copland JA, Kohli M, Gupta S, Dhillon J, Pow-Sang J, Lynch CC, Basanta D. Quantification and Optimization of Standard-of-Care Therapy to Delay the Emergence of Resistant Bone Metastatic Prostate Cancer. Cancers (Basel). 2021 Feb.13(4). Pubmedid: 33567529. Pmcid: PMC7915310.
    • Grimes DR, Jansen M, Macauley RJ, Scott JG, Basanta D. Evidence for hypoxia increasing the tempo of evolution in glioblastoma. Brit J Cancer. 2020 Nov.123(10):1562-1569. Pubmedid: 32848201. Pmcid: PMC7653934.
    • Bravo RR, Baratchart E, West J, Schenck RO, Miller AK, Gallaher J, Gatenbee CD, Basanta D, Robertson-Tessi M, Anderson ARA. Hybrid Automata Library: A flexible platform for hybrid modeling with real-time visualization. PLoS Comput Biol. 2020 Mar.16(3):e1007635. Pubmedid: 32155140. Pmcid: PMC7105119.
    • Frankenstein Z, Basanta D, Franco OE, Gao Y, Javier RA, Strand DW, Lee M, Hayward SW, Ayala G, Anderson ARA. Stromal reactivity differentially drives tumour cell evolution and prostate cancer progression. Nat Ecol Evol. 2020 Jun.4(6):870-884. Pubmedid: 32393869.
    • Miller AK, Brown JS, Basanta D, Huntly N. What Is the Storage Effect, Why Should It Occur in Cancers, and How Can It Inform Cancer Therapy?. Cancer Control. 2020 Jul.27(3). Pubmedid: 32723185. Pmcid: PMC7658723.
    • Taylor-King JP, Buenzli PR, Chapman SJ, Lynch CC, Basanta D. Modeling Osteocyte Network Formation: Healthy and Cancerous Environments. Front Bioeng Biotechnol. 2020 Jul.8:757. Pubmedid: 32793566. Pmcid: PMC7387425.
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  • Grants

    • Title: Evolutionary Game Theory in Prostate Cancer Bone Metastasis: Elucidating the Dual Role of MSCs in Tumor Cell Dynamics
      Sponsor: Moffitt Cancer Center
      PI (Contact): Basanta Gutierrez, D.
    • Title: Defining bone ecosystem effects on metastatic prostate cancer evolution and treatment response using an integrated mathematical modeling approach
      Sponsor: Nat Institutes of Health
      PI (Contact): Lynch, C., PI (MPI): Basanta Gutierrez, D.

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