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Ernst  Schonbrunn

Ernst Schonbrunn, PhD

Program: Drug Discovery

Research Program: Molecular Medicine Program

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  • Overview


    • Drug Discovery
    • Malignant Hematology
    • Molecular Medicine Program
    • Molecular Oncology & Drug Discovery Program

    Education & Training


    • Max-Planck Research Unit for Structural Molecular Biology, PhD - Biology/Crystallography


    • Max-Planck Research Unit for Structural Molecular Biology - Structural Molecular Biology
  • Research Interest

    Research from the Schönbrunn laboratory focuses on the elucidation of the structure-activity relationship of medicinally important proteins. We use protein crystallography combined with methods in biochemistry, molecular biology and medicinal chemistry to explore proteins at the atomic level. Our aim is to identify "weak sites" in those proteins that can be targeted by new inhibitors with potential as future drugs. The spectrum of prospective drug targets under investigation in our laboratory is diverse and growing continuously: Antibiotic targets such as MurA and EPSP synthase. Anti-cancer targets such as CDK2/cyclin A and glucometabolic enzymes. Neurodegenerative disease targets such as calpain. Male-contraceptive targets such as soluble adenylate cyclase. We generally follow two routes towards the discovery of novel inhibitors; both these approaches become interconnected if the target protein can be crystallized. The empirical approach involves the development of an assay suitable for high-throughput screening (HTS) of hundreds of thousands of small organic compounds for inhibitory activity. Thus discovered inhibitors (hits) will be scrutinized by structure-activity relationship (SAR) and kinetic studies until the most potent inhibitors with drug-like properties (leads) have been identified. The second route is the rational design of inhibitors based on the 3D atomic structure of the target protein. First, crystallization conditions suitable for reproducible growth of X-ray quality crystals need to be established. Then, the atomic structure of the target protein will be solved by crystallographic methods, bound with ligands such as substrates, known inhibitors or newly discovered HTS hits and leads. With this information in hand, we perform several computational studies (in silico design), such as molecular docking, to identify chemical scaffolds that satisfy the criteria for high inhibitory potential. During the entire inhibitor discovery process we closely collaborate with researchers of various disciplines, from synthetic organic chemistry to cell biology, to devise strategies for the optimization of the best inhibitors with respect to drug-like properties. Our expertise enables us to not only thoroughly characterize the molecular mode of action of inhibitors on proteins; we also perform mechanistic studies, for example to trap reaction intermediate states of enzyme-catalyzed reactions. Furthermore, we investigate the resistance of target proteins to known inhibitors. These studies complement the rational design approach, at the same time providing valuable information about the relationship of the protein's structure and function.

  • Publications

    • Morozova A, Chan SC, Bayle S, Sun L, Grassie D, Iermolaieva A, Kalaga MN, Frydman S, Sansil S, Schönbrunn E, Duckett D, Monastyrskyi A. Development of potent and selective ULK1/2 inhibitors based on 7-azaindole scaffold with favorable in vivo properties. Eur J Med Chem. 2024 Feb.266:116101. Pubmedid: 38232465.
    • Faber EB, Sun L, Tang J, Roberts E, Ganeshkumar S, Wang N, Rasmussen D, Majumdar A, Hirsch LE, John K, Yang A, Khalid H, Hawkinson JE, Levinson NM, Chennathukuzhi V, Harki DA, Schönbrunn E, Georg GI. Development of allosteric and selective CDK2 inhibitors for contraception with negative cooperativity to cyclin binding. Nat Commun. 2023 Jun.14(1):3213. Pubmedid: 37270540. Pmcid: PMC10239507.
    • Faber EB, Wang N, John K, Sun L, Wong HL, Burban D, Francis R, Tian D, Hong KH, Yang A, Wang L, Elsaid M, Khalid H, Levinson NM, Schönbrunn E, Hawkinson JE, Georg GI. Screening through Lead Optimization of High Affinity, Allosteric Cyclin-Dependent Kinase 2 (CDK2) Inhibitors as Male Contraceptives That Reduce Sperm Counts in Mice. J Med Chem. 2023 Feb.66(3):1928-1940. Pubmedid: 36701569.
    • Liao Y, Chin Chan S, Welsh EA, Fang B, Sun L, Schönbrunn E, Koomen JM, Duckett DR, Haura EB, Monastyrskyi A, Rix U. Chemical Proteomics with Novel Fully Functionalized Fragments and Stringent Target Prioritization Identifies the Glutathione-Dependent Isomerase GSTZ1 as a Lung Cancer Target. Acs Chem Biol. 2023 Feb.18(2):251-264. Pubmedid: 36630201.
    • Al Noman MA, Cuellar RAD, Kyzer JL, Chung SSW, Cheryala N, Holth TAD, Maitra S, Naqvi T, Wong HL, Schönbrunn E, Hawkinson JE, Wolgemuth DJ, Georg GI. Strategies for developing retinoic acid receptor alpha-selective antagonists as novel agents for male contraception. Eur J Med Chem. 2023 Dec.261:115821. Pubmedid: 37776573.
    • Jiang J, Zhao PL, Sigua LH, Chan A, Schönbrunn E, Qi J, Georg GI. 1,4-Dihydropyridinebutyrolactone-derived ring-opened ester and amide analogs targeting BET bromodomains. Arch Pharm (Weinheim). 2022 Nov.355(11):e2200288. Pubmedid: 35941525. Pmcid: PMC9633406.
    • Giuliano AR, Pilon-Thomas S, Schell MJ, Abrahamsen M, Islam JY, Isaacs-Soriano K, Kennedy K, Dukes CW, Whiting J, Rathwell J, Hensel JA, Mangual LN, Schonbrunn E, Bikowitz M, Grassie D, Yang Y. SARS-CoV-2 Period Seroprevalence and Related Factors, Hillsborough County, Florida, USA, October 2020-March 2021. Emerg Infect Dis. 2022 Mar.28(3):556-563. Pubmedid: 35081021. Pmcid: PMC8888241.
    • Karim RM, Yang L, Chen L, Bikowitz MJ, Lu J, Grassie D, Shultz ZP, Lopchuk JM, Chen J, Schönbrunn E. Discovery of Dual TAF1-ATR Inhibitors and Ligand-Induced Structural Changes of the TAF1 Tandem Bromodomain. J Med Chem. 2022 Mar.65(5):4182-4200. Pubmedid: 35191694.
    • Durbin AD, Wang T, Wimalasena VK, Zimmerman MW, Li D, Dharia NV, Mariani L, Shendy NAM, Nance S, Patel AG, Shao Y, Mundada M, Maxham L, Park PMC, Sigua LH, Morita K, Saur Conway A, Robichaud AL, Perez-Atayde AR, Bikowitz MJ, Quinn TR, Wiest OG, Easton J, Schonbrunn E, Bulyk ML, Abraham BJ, Stegmaier K, Look AT, Qi J. EP300 Selectively Controls the Enhancer Landscape of MYCN-Amplified Neuroblastoma. Cancer Discov. 2022 Mar.12(3):730-751. Pubmedid: 34772733. Pmcid: PMC8904277.
    • Jiang J, Sigua LH, Chan A, Kalra P, Pomerantz WCK, Schönbrunn E, Qi J, Georg GI. Dihydropyridine Lactam Analogs Targeting BET Bromodomains. Chemmedchem. 2022 Jan.17(1):e202100407. Pubmedid: 34932262. Pmcid: PMC8762755.
    • Guan X, Cheryala N, Karim RM, Chan A, Berndt N, Qi J, Georg GI, Schönbrunn E. Bivalent BET Bromodomain Inhibitors Confer Increased Potency and Selectivity for BRDT via Protein Conformational Plasticity. J Med Chem. 2022 Aug.65(15):10441-10458. Pubmedid: 35867655.
    • Zahid H, Buchholz CR, Singh M, Ciccone MF, Chan A, Nithianantham S, Shi K, Aihara H, Fischer M, Schönbrunn E, Dos Santos CO, Landry JW, Pomerantz WCK. New Design Rules for Developing Potent Cell-Active Inhibitors of the Nucleosome Remodeling Factor (NURF) via BPTF Bromodomain Inhibition. J Med Chem. 2021 Sep.64(18):13902-13917. Pubmedid: 34515477. Pmcid: PMC9012132.
    • Xiao T, Sun L, Zhang M, Li Z, Haura EB, Schonbrunn E, Ji H. Synthesis and structural characterization of a monocarboxylic inhibitor for GRB2 SH2 domain. Bioorg Med Chem Lett. 2021 Nov.51:128354. Pubmedid: 34506932. Pmcid: PMC8526398.
    • Muthengi A, Wimalasena VK, Yosief HO, Bikowitz MJ, Sigua LH, Wang T, Li D, Gaieb Z, Dhawan G, Liu S, Erickson J, Amaro RE, Schönbrunn E, Qi J, Zhang W. Development of Dimethylisoxazole-Attached Imidazo[1,2-a]pyridines as Potent and Selective CBP/P300 Inhibitors. J Med Chem. 2021 May.64(9):5787-5801. Pubmedid: 33872011. Pmcid: PMC8856734.
    • Lee JC, Hong KH, Becker A, Tash JS, Schönbrunn E, Georg GI. Tetrahydroindazole inhibitors of CDK2/cyclin complexes. Eur J Med Chem. 2021 Mar.214:113232. Pubmedid: 33550184. Pmcid: PMC7954990.
    • Davis RR, Li B, Yun SY, Chan A, Nareddy P, Gunawan S, Ayaz M, Lawrence HR, Reuther GW, Lawrence NJ, Schönbrunn E. Structural Insights into JAK2 Inhibition by Ruxolitinib, Fedratinib, and Derivatives Thereof. J Med Chem. 2021 Feb.64(4):2228-2241. Pubmedid: 33570945. Pmcid: PMC8327781.
    • Olson NM, Kroc S, Johnson JA, Zahid H, Ycas PD, Chan A, Kimbrough JR, Kalra P, Schönbrunn E, Pomerantz WCK. NMR Analyses of Acetylated H2A.Z Isoforms Identify Differential Binding Interactions with the Bromodomain of the NURF Nucleosome Remodeling Complex. Biochemistry-Us. 2020 May.59(20):1871-1880. Pubmedid: 32356653. Pmcid: PMC7771244.
    • Karim RM, Chan A, Zhu JY, Schönbrunn E. Structural Basis of Inhibitor Selectivity in the BRD7/9 Subfamily of Bromodomains. J Med Chem. 2020 Mar.63(6):3227-3237. Pubmedid: 32091206. Pmcid: PMC7771325.
    • Huang Q, Chen L, Schonbrunn E, Chen J. MDMX inhibits casein kinase 1α activity and stimulates Wnt signaling. Embo J. 2020 Jul.39(14):e104410. Pubmedid: 32511789. Pmcid: PMC7361285.
    • Li Q, Karim RM, Cheng M, Das M, Chen L, Zhang C, Lawrence HR, Daughdrill GW, Schonbrunn E, Ji H, Chen J. Inhibition of p53 DNA binding by a small molecule protects mice from radiation toxicity. Oncogene. 2020 Jul.39(29):5187-5200. Pubmedid: 32555331. Pmcid: PMC7398576.
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    • Liu X, Huang Q, Chen L, Zhang H, Schonbrunn E, Chen J. Tumor-derived CK1α mutations enhance MDMX inhibition of p53. Oncogene. 2020 Jan.39(1):176-186. Pubmedid: 31462704. Pmcid: PMC7739390.
    • Hanna CB, Mudaliar D, John K, Allen CL, Sun L, Hawkinson JE, Schönbrunn E, Georg GI, Jensen JT. Development of WEE2 kinase inhibitors as novel non-hormonal female contraceptives that target meiosis†. Biol Reprod. 2020 Aug.103(2):368-377. Pubmedid: 32667031. Pmcid: PMC7401407.
    • Hanna CB, Yao S, Martin M, Schönbrunn E, Georg GI, Jensen JT, Cuellar RAD. Identification and Screening of Selective WEE2 Inhibitors to Develop Non-Hormonal Contraceptives that Specifically Target Meiosis. ChemistrySelect. 2019 Dec.4(45):13363-13369. Pubmedid: 32190728. Pmcid: PMC7079731.
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    • Paulson CN, Guan X, Ayoub AM, Chan A, Karim RM, Pomerantz WCK, Schönbrunn E, Georg GI, Hawkinson JE. Design, Synthesis, and Characterization of a Fluorescence Polarization Pan-BET Bromodomain Probe. ACS Med Chem Lett. 2018 Dec.9(12):1223-1229. Pubmedid: 30613330. Pmcid: PMC6295860.
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    • Title: Selective Targeting of TAF1 Function in Acute Myeloid Leukemia
      Sponsor: Nat Institutes of Health
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