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Greg  Sawyer

Greg Sawyer, PhD

Research Department Chair, BioEngineering
Chair, Department of BioEngineering

Program: BioEngineering


  • Overview

    Dr. Sawyer's research themes are in BioImaging, Cell Manufacturing, Drug Delivery, and Faithful Models of Disease


    • BioEngineering
    • Cutaneous Oncology
    • Thoracic Oncology
  • Research Interest

    Dr. Sawyer’s current research interests include visualizing the interactions between cancer cells and the tumor microenvironment using bio-printing techniques and precision engineering approaches using an ex vivo platform pioneered in his laboratory. Dr. Sawyer will build the new department at Moffitt Magnolia Campus prior to moving to the Moffitt Center for Innovation at Speros FL. There, the Department of BioEngineering will partner with other departments to accelerate the advances in cancer research and treatment.

  • Publications

    • Flores ER, Sawyer WG. Engineering cancer's end: An interdisciplinary approach to confront the complexities of cancer. Cancer Cell. 2024 May. Pubmedid: 38848721.
    • Mendez-Gomez HR, DeVries A, Castillo P, von Roemeling C, Qdaisat S, Stover BD, Xie C, Weidert F, Zhao C, Moor R, Liu R, Soni D, Ogando-Rivas E, Chardon-Robles J, McGuiness J, Zhang D, Chung MC, Marconi C, Michel S, Barpujari A, Jobin GW, Thomas N, Ma X, Campaneria Y, Grippin A, Karachi A, Li D, Sahay B, Elliott L, Foster TP, Coleman KE, Milner RJ, Sawyer WG, Ligon JA, Simon E, Cleaver B, Wynne K, Hodik M, Molinaro AM, Guan J, Kellish P, Doty A, Lee JH, Massini T, Kresak JL, Huang J, Hwang EI, Kline C, Carrera-Justiz S, Rahman M, Gatica S, Mueller S, Prados M, Ghiaseddin AP, Silver NL, Mitchell DA, Sayour EJ. RNA aggregates harness the danger response for potent cancer immunotherapy. Cell. 2024 May.187(10):2521-2535.e21. Pubmedid: 38697107.
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    • Style RW, Krick BA, Jensen KE, Sawyer WG. The contact mechanics challenge: tribology meets soft matter. Soft Matter. 2018 Jul.14(28):5706-5709. Pubmedid: 29971295.
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  • Grants

    • Title: Synthetic Mucins as a Mitigation Strategy for Anticancer Therapeutic Associated Ocular Toxicity
      Sponsor: Univ of Florida
      PI: Sawyer, G.
    • Title: A phase I study of RNA-lipid particle vaccines for newly-diagnosed glioblastoma, IND19304 05/21/2020
      Sponsor: US Food & Drug Administration (FDA)
      PI: Sawyer, G.

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