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On the third Thursday of November, countless tobacco users across the nation will take an important step toward bettering their health by participating in the Great American Smokeout. This event, which is sponsored annually by the American Cancer Society, encourages smokers to observe the day in one of two ways: to start a plan to quit, or to complete a (previously started) plan to quit. Either way, quitting smoking – even if it’s just for one day – can help reduce cancer risk.

Of course, there’s no question that a tobacco-free life is a healthier life. But, quitting isn’t easy. To support our patients as they face this challenge and increase their chances of success, Moffitt Cancer Center has established a Tobacco Treatment program. Through this unique initiative, we provide our patients with individualized plans and comprehensive resources to help them quit smoking as comfortably as possible.

At Moffitt, patients who want to quit smoking have opportunities to work with professional tobacco treatment specialists in both one-on-one and group settings where they can:

  • Learn about the immediate and long-term benefits of quitting
  • Identify and overcome any obstacles that might be holding them back
  • Devise a customized quit plan that takes into account both health-related and emotional issues
  • Establish a support network that is available to meet their needs before, during and after they quit

It’s never too late to quit smoking. Sometimes, getting started is the hardest part. If you’re ready to embark on the journey to a smoke-free life, there’s no need for you to go it alone. Contact Moffitt to learn more about our Tools to Quit class. To learn more, contact Lisa Sloan, Tobacco Treatment Specialist, at 813-745-8811 or email