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Think about a time when you felt sad, angry or overwhelmed, and you then unexpectedly heard one of your favorite songs or musicians. Now, recall the powerful effect it likely had on your emotional state. Whatever challenges you were dealing with at the time, you probably felt better equipped to face them after simply listening to music that you like.

Music is inherently powerful in that, depending on a listener’s state of mind, it has the ability to calm, console, energize or invigorate. At Moffitt Cancer Center, we recognize the positive impact that music can have, particularly as a soothing outlet for individuals who are facing the challenges of cancer.

Moffitt’s Arts In Medicine Program

In keeping with our goal to meet the needs of the whole patient and promote healing via body, mind and spirit, Moffitt created an Arts In Medicine Program. Through this unique initiative, we provide our patients and their caregivers a variety of opportunities to experience the therapeutic benefits of music while simultaneously connecting with other patients, caregivers and survivors.

With a mission to "nurture the spirit, offer comfort and inspire hope through the expressive arts," our Arts In Medicine Program includes:

  • Weekday access to a beautiful studio
  • Private bedside visits
  • Live musical performances in our lobby
  • Special events

All of our services are facilitated by a compassionate team of specially trained visual and musical artists-in-residence who are fully committed to furthering our mission. In an uplifting environment, we continue to change the lives of many cancer patients by offering scientific and medical expertise to heal the body, while at the same time providing supportive care to comfort the spirit.

Over the years, Arts In Medicine has become an integral part of the patient-and-family-centered experience at Moffitt. To learn more, contact our Arts In Medicine Coordinator at 813-745-1836 or our Patient & Family Services Coordinator at 813-745-8407.