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Moffitt researchers in the lab

Diversity in the Workplace

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are a strategic priority at Moffitt Cancer Center, they are crucial to our team's success. DEI increases productivity, fosters creativity, promotes innovation, enhances ideas and improves organizational performance. Our attention to diversity, equity and inclusion foster an environment where team members belong, bring their authentic selves to work, and share a mutual respect for one another. Our shared differences and commonalities make us a stronger workforce. Whether it is diverse gender identity and expression, cultures, languages, customs, beliefs, values, or any of the myriad of ways in which we identify ourselves, we are better colleagues and caregivers when we approach our mission from various backgrounds. 

Please visit our Careers section to learn more about our employment opportunities.

Team Member Demographics 

The number of team members represent all individuals employed by Moffitt Cancer Center at any point during the corresponding time period, including those who were hired and those who left the organization during the time period.

At Moffitt Cancer Center, we recognize that it takes a diverse and inclusive workforce to provide all patients and families with culturally competent care that meets their unique and individual healthcare needs. Attracting and retaining a workforce that reflects the communities we serve is an important pillar of our equity strategy. With this in mind, the cancer center continues to seek partnerships and implement processes and procedures that contribute to our goal of reflecting the 23-county catchment area and communities we serve.

Moffitt catchment area by race

chart showing gender by Moffitt catchment area

Moffitt team members by race/ethnicity

Moffitt team members by gender

Moffitt leadership by race

Moffitt leadership by gender


Team Member Engagement Networks/Faculty Employee Networks

Team Member Engagement Networks (TMEN), as well as Faculty Employee Networks (FEN), are voluntary, employee‐led groups that are open to all team members and provide an important avenue for ensuring team members have a VOICE. Engagement Networks work to develop ways to engage and promote a welcoming and inclusive environment for all team members throughout the cancer center and engage in activities focused on encouraging a positive and equitable workplace throughout the cancer center.

Team Member Engagement Networks include: 

  • Asian TMEN 
  • Disability & Ability Wellbeing Network (DAWN) 
  • Estamos Unidos 
  • Generation Moffitt (GenM) 
  • M-Vets 
  • UNITY@Moffttt 

Faculty Engagement Networks include: