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Team Member Engagement Networks (TMEN), as well as Faculty Employee Networks (FEN), are voluntary, employee‐led groups that are open to all team members provide an important avenue for ensuring team members have a VOICE. Engagement Networks work to develop ways to engage and promote a welcoming and inclusive environment for all team members throughout the cancer center and engage in activities focused on encouraging a positive and equitable workplace throughout the cancer center.

Team Member Engagement Networks include: 

ASIAN logoAsian TMEN: Provides a safe, inclusive, respectful, non-judgmental group for diverse subpopulations of Moffitt team members who are Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI)-identifying and/or interested in AAPI community-related issues.

BEAM logoBlack Empowerment Alliance at Moffitt (B.E.A.M): Fostering productivity and creativity of all Moffitt employees by enabling and promoting C.H.A.N.G.E. within the Black community. C.H.A.N.G.E. stands for Community, Health, Advancement, Networking, Growth, and Economics.

DAWN logo

Disability & Ability Wellbeing Network (DAWN): A network that welcomes and collaborates with all team members to raise awareness about the wide spectrum of visible and invisible disabilities.


Estamos UnidosEstamos Unidos: Mission is to unite, empower and support our Moffitt team members and the greater LatinX community by promoting unity within LatinX cultures, empowering our team members through professional/diversity education and mentorship, and serving our community through volunteer events.

GenM logoGeneration Moffitt (GenM): Connects, cultivates and advocates for young professionals by functioning as a liaison between Moffitt and young professional employees.

M-Vets logoM-Vets: Promotes and strengthens camaraderie by organizing Moffitt team members who either share military experiences as a veteran or family member, or an appreciation for military service.

Unity logoUNITY@Moffttt: Network of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer/questioning team members and their allies.


Faculty Engagement Networks  

Women in Oncology logo

Women In Oncology: Develops ways to engage, promote, and retain women faculty by offering opportunities for women to connect, explore ideas, and receive support to help create a culture that highlights the contribution of women faculty at Moffitt.

Faculty Diversity logoFaculty Diversity in Oncology: Seeks to increase the diversity among the faculty, focusing on the recruitment and retention of Black/African-American faculty, as well as mentorship/sponsorship, engagement with students from USF, establishing community presence to engage local youth interested in careers in health and medical professions, and creating educational opportunities for faculty members on diversity and inclusion.


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