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If you are about to begin treatment for stomach cancer, one of your biggest concerns might be how your day-to-day life will be affected. Cancer treatment brings with it a number of physical and emotional side effects, but educating yourself on what to expect can help you go into treatment feeling as ready as possible.

Physical side effects of stomach cancer treatment

Surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and other forms of stomach cancer treatment can sometimes cause physical side effects. These vary from patient to patient depending on their overall health and their specific type of treatment, though commonly reported side effects include:

  • Fatigue
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Changes in appetite

Be sure to alert your physician to any new or worsening side effects that you experience throughout the duration of your stomach cancer treatment. In many cases, these side effects can be managed with medication and lifestyle changes so that they don’t greatly compromise your quality of life.

Other side effects of stomach cancer treatment

In addition to its physical challenges, stomach cancer treatment can also bring with it a number of mental and emotional challenges. For some people, cancer can trigger depression and anxiety. Others find themselves feeling lonely. However, the emotional side effects of stomach cancer therapies are treatable. In addition to the support of spouses, family and friends, stomach cancer patients can utilize supportive care services at Moffitt such as support groups, counselors and social workers to ensure all of their needs are being met as they undergo treatment.

Moffitt Cancer Center provides stomach cancer treatment for people with all types and stages of this malignancy. Our patients benefit from individualized treatment plans prescribed by the multispecialty team of experts in our Gastrointestinal Oncology Program. Some patients may also be eligible to participate in one of our clinical trials, where we give patients access to the latest breakthroughs in treatment before they become available elsewhere. Our patients also have convenient access to a wide range of supportive care services in a single location. To discuss your stomach cancer treatment options with a Moffitt physician, call 1-888-663-3488 or fill out a new patient registration form online. Referrals are not required to come to Moffitt.